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First Thoughts: “Tokyo Ghoul √A” – Do You Feel The Winds Of Change?

Tokyo-Ghoul-Root-A-Episode-1-Screenshot-01 Well done, “Tokyo Ghoul”, Well done. It took you exactly thirteen episodes but you’ve finally earned my adoration. Let me be honest: I’m not one to judge things like this so heavily.

I believe in giving people the benefit of the doubt but the first season of “Tokyo Ghoul” was, for me, one of the worst things about the Anime lineup of 2014 and here’s why: It had a really solid first episode that lead me to believe it was going in a direction that it never did…until the final episode of the first season.

I stuck to it because I had some sort of hope that it would win me back and now, after an entire season, it has proven to me that this is exactly the Anime I thought I was signing up for. Well done, “Tokyo Ghoul”.


“Tokyo Ghoul” season two, or simply “√A”, picks up exactly where season one left off which is, in my books, the absolute greatest thing the series could have done. The end of season end arrived with such gravitas and finished off with the twist I believe a lot of the fans, like me, were hoping for from day dot.

For “√A” to just continue off from there made the first episode of the new season, without a doubt in my mind, utterly perfect. For the most part, the soundtrack and the animation quality is still at the same level it was during the first season which is perfectly fine because, really, why fix what isn’t broken?

Bar a new opening theme and closing theme, most of what “Tokyo Ghoul” has to offer in that regard is the same so I wont bore you with the rehashing of already-acknowledged details. What absolutely needs to be discussed is the story direction and just how brilliant the upcoming season is going to be.


Please read on! I promise you that nothing from the episode that could be seen as a “spoiler” will be mentioned here but I do have to urge that you only read this if you’ve seen the first season. Not just so you’ll understand what I’m saying but it wont have as much of an impact on someone who’s yet to watch as opposed to someone who has followed it from the very first episode.

Kaneki Ken, thanks to our old friend Jason from the first season, has official gone “Full Ghoul”. Jason pushed him over the edge and now it’s time for white-haired Ken to go on what seems to be a peaceful but death-riddled rampage. Kaneki Ken has transcended what he was before and, from what we were shown, his human side is but a memory. Now our loveable protagonist is more of a calm but satanic antagonist and it’s what I’ve been hoping for all this time!


Episode one is mostly populated by Ghoul fights. Once again, something i longed for while watching the first season and while there were a few, they weren’t quite as “ravenous” as I hoped them to be. We see the endings of the showdowns that ended season one and while most were pretty quick the important ones got center stage which I believed was done tastefully.

The focus was of the “One-Eyed Owl” and of course Kaneki Ken who is now, I’m sure, the most powerful Ghoul in all of existence. Thanks again, Jason! What I hope/believe the next season will feature is the utter chaos that a broken Kaneki Ken will bring to Tokyo.


From the first episode I prayed that “Tokyo Ghoul” would follow a human who becomes a monstrous killer and now has to assimilate with other monstrous killers but what I got was a human who became a Ghoul but then realised that Ghouls are basically the same as humans…apart from the bad ones who are the “monstrous killers” I’d hoped for.

Season one forced onto us a certain level of understanding, that Ghouls weren’t all bad. Actrually, a whole bunch of them are really good. It’s the humans that are bad! I wasn’t buying it. Ghouls were shown as beings similar to predatory animals but then flipped around to be given a human side I never thought should have been shown.

We’ve seen things like it before. What we havn’t seen a great deal of are stories where the main character isn’t the good guy. This is what I’m thinking “Tokyo Ghoul √A” will deliver and until I’m proven otherwise I’m going to say that this will be the Anime to win the season.

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  1. Frankie says

    I’m glad to hear to hear things are going the way you wanted for the first season! I was completely annoyed & bored with it (and the end didn’t bring me back like it did for you), so I can’t even bring myself to give the second series a go, but it might be one to watch in the future maybe – I’ll see what people think when the series is done

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