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First Thoughts: “The Rolling Girls” – Girls And Bikes And Lots Of Fun


There are bikes, there are girls and there are a whole bunch of fight scenes. What more could you want from a contemporary Anime? It’s the start of 2015 and, for us here at SnapThirty, it’s been a damn good one. Making a sweet beginning of the year even sweeter is the arrival of the latest Anime season; Winter.

With the Winter Anime season comes a few series’ that havn’t quite been on my radar but that I’m glad to have taken the time to watch. One of those Anime’s is “The Rolling Girls” which has just begun streaming through the official FUNimation site and is set to start airing through AnimeLab, Madman Entertainment’s official streaming service, now!


I’ve been sitting at my desk for quite some time now, pondering, wondering, typing and deleting, finding it very difficult to start this article. “Why?”, I ask myself. Most of my other impression articles come through seamlessly but for some reason my thoughts on “The Rolling Girls” is jammed up somewhere in my head.

“Maybe a good slap will set it loose!”, I exclaim only in my mind. Yeah, maybe a good slap WILL set it loose, or maybe even a punch. One like in the Anime I just watched. One that, from it, explodes multicoloured hearts and stars that, although cute-looking, decimates anything in its path.

Maybe once I’ve knocked the thoughts loose I can finally be free, no longer stuck in my own mind. Maybe then I can jump onto a high-performance motorcycle that has sat idling for the past half an hour screaming out for me to ride! Yeah! Just like Maccha-Green, the super sentai-style hero from the first episode of “The Rolling Girls”. Wait, I think I just did it…Banzai!


Let’s get down to business: “The Rolling Girls” is a new Anime series that takes place in an alternate Japan where the country has been taken over by a whole bunch of different gangs, or “Mobs”, each battling for ultimate reign over what was once a peaceful and ever-growing part of the world.

Most people still live a pretty standard life BUT the streets are dangerous and you never quite know when a fight between a Mob leader and a peace-keeper may break out. They call these types of people “Bests” and, people like you or me, we’d probably be considered the “Rest”.

As of right now, this is pretty much all you need to know about “The Rolling Girls”: Weird alternate Japan, plenty of fighting, cute girls and awesome animation. If I could stop my impressions here than I would but my body is telling me to continue writing.



Why has this Anime hit me so hard? Well, to begin, it opens with a huge fight scene that is comparable to those seen in the Studio Trigger series “Kill La Kill” but with so much more colour and vibrance. We’re then introduced to a series of cutesy characters who, although undefined as of yet, are instantly likeable thanks to their peppy attitudes and, once again, their good looks. Peppered in throughout the introductions and the scene-setting are a more over-the-top action scenes that may not necessarily show any combat whatsoever.

That doesn’t make them any less crazy though. Despite the lack of actual storytelling, “The Rolling Girls” kept me glued to the screen from the first minute to the very last. At this point in time the only real explanation of what’s going on is delivered to us on a silver platter by the narrator of the series at the top of the episode. Everything that happens after that is just to hook you in, and hook me in it did!

My hope is that we get to see a little more progression as the series goes on but I can’t exactly “poo poo” “The Rolling Girls” just yet because all I’ve seen is the very first episode! Who knows what’s to come! What I can say though is, just between us, I wouldn’t even care if the story went nowhere, I just kind of want to see all that awesome action again and again and again…and again and again and again!


I must give credit when credit is due: Even after saying there’s a lack of story progression, the Anime somehow made all the characters instantly understandable and, as I’ve already said, instantly likeable so it’s very hard to fault the writing staff for doing what some series’ cannot do in a full thirteen episodes.

Giving this series the ultimate benefit of the doubt, I think that we will absolutely see some growth and development but only after the main cast is officially introduced which, as of episode one, they are not. How do I know this is a good Anime? I have been excited for a lot that’s set to begin airing in this Anime season and “The Rolling Girls” I had hardly even heard of. I saw that it was getting a legal release, I checked it out on a whim and I was blown away. I went in with nothing but left with a smile on my face and a spring in my step. No matter what this Anime brings in future episodes, as long as it is as exciting to watch as this first episode…I’m in!



  1. I new nothing about this until I saw it in the winter chart, and thought of checking it out, but then decided I had too many other shows. But I was curious to read of first impressions and now I kinda want to check it out. Have heard others make the comparison with Kill la Kill too which caught my attention. I shall think about it, I’ve already picked up more shows than I planned…

    • Frank Inglese says

      Please, please, please check it out! i guarantee it wont be a wast of twenty minutes! Guarantee! :D

  2. cvnov15 says

    The Rolling Girls anime has really nice graphics and interesting blend of pop culture with Japanese folklores like Kaguya Hime, Momotaro etc.

    The story however is full of hot airs and loose as there are too many twists and turns at every corners that would leave you clueless of what is really happening. The so-called “Bests” are mostly reckless, selfish and irresponsible, which make them no different than junkies who are highly dependent on steroids to become gods in a very divided Japan. It seems that there are sarcasms in the backgrounds of every “bests”.

    The leading characters are millicent bystanders who always failed to stand out and seemingly useless until the later episodes where one of the leading characters’ identity is concerned. The only one character to me that really stand out would have to be Momiyama, the fat character who is running errands for the president who lives in a teapot.

    If you are only into looking cute eyecandies making cute “moe” sounds no matter how irrelevant their gags really to the whole show, then this is suitable for you and any typical otakus who fantasize a lot with dolls.

    • Frank Inglese says

      “The Rolling Girls” really only has good visuals and that’s about it. After episode two the story kind of just stopped and it became such a stagnant series.

      You’ve summed it up pretty damn well :)

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