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First Thoughts: Prison School – Drop The Soap, You’ll Probably Like It!


Holy shit! You guys seriously have to check out Prison School! It’s like, wow, I never start articles in such unprofessional ways, especially not with a swear, but this Anime is absolutely freaking crazy, so much so that I honestly cannot write an article about it in any kind of professional manner. It simply would not fit this atrociously hilarious Anime! You know, it’s actually quite funny, I watched the first episode of this Summer Anime with the thought in mind that it was going to be utter trash and that I’d be watching it just so I could talk about it on the next episode of our very own SnapCast, making jokes and ripping it to shreds as Luke and Kane laugh along. Turns out that this hyper-sexual comedy is actually one of my more favoured Anime series’ from the lineup of new Summer titles. Why though?

It plays host to a level of sexuality that can only be described as unnervingly aggressive. It is, at it’s very core, the softest version of dominatrix porn one can watch without getting even a little bit turned on. Wait, no, at times even I felt a swell of raw lustful emotion well up within me that I quickly extinguished as my two unwilling friends watched beside me and my lovely, unaware girlfriend laid asleep in the next room. The fact that I essentially “hid” it from her at the time quickly became unnecessary as I explained to her the details of what happened over a lovely breakfast of eggs and toast; a meal that should always be accompanied by talks of whipping genitals and forced boot-licking. Prison School is…amazing!

Now I hope my humour can be read accurately because, I must alert you now; this whole article is going to be laced with it. This Anime was far too ridiculous and far too hilarious to be taken seriously, and the same can be said about the incredibly out-of-character things I’m going to “reveal” about myself as I go on with this opinion piece. Before I do move on though, I must say…I’m absolutely watching this entire Anime. Even if it kills me which, considering what this Anime IS about, it may actually do just that!


Let’s quickly go over just what it is that this Anime is about. So not to wreck anything that may help you enjoy the episode as you’re watching it, I’ll try to refrain from going into great detail: There’s this school, right? For the most part, it’s your pretty average school. Yes; out of all it’s students only five are males and, yes; the campus does indeed hold a prison that those five boys are put into for sneaking in a little perv at bath time…but the rest of the school is fairly standard. Now there’s this underground committee that basically prevents the five boys from interacting with the hundreds of girls in any capacity so, even if they weren’t caught peeping, chances are they would have been thrown into the slammer for something else. Possibly something petty like simply talking to one of the girls.

Anywho, as of right now the audience has been shown absolutely no faculty whatsoever. No teachers, no principal, no staff members at all, and ever bit of punishment is enforced by a secret society of female students. Oh also there are a great deal of crows that call the school their home and it is heavily implied that they somehow work for this committee. If you’re not laughing by now, than you have no idea what is and what isn’t funny.

Quick recap: The five boys are caught perving, their genitals are flogged in front of the entire school, they’re thrown into prison for a one month sentence, and they’re now set to be tortured daily by some of the unrealistically sexual women who secretly run the school. Fact is…they freaking love it! Who would have though five random boys who’ve each been put into a similar situation all love to be dominated? I suppose it’s not THAT crazy seeing as the dominatrix fetish has quite a sizeable fan base. You can tell just by looking that the character with the large body and impressively tiny face loves a bit of boot-licking, but the other guys? They had me fooled! I thought they were mostly normal…until they started talking.


Prison School features a high level of animation which is great when what you’re really looking for is some crisp images of a woman kicking the literal shit out of a young man for not finding enough four-leaf clovers in a forest populated mostly by the more common three-leaf clover. The visual style is odd, to say the very least, but it fits the overall vibe of the show which is, if you havn’t figured it out by now…strangely daunting.

J.C. Staff, who animate the series, have really gone above and beyond with their visual comedy, using quick cuts and incredibly detailed facial expressions to outline a situation better than simple words can. It’s funny, I actually did spend a great deal of my time appreciating the visuals of this Anime despite how freaking ridiculous it all is! There’s a scene wherein which a young karate master punishes the boys physically using her training that is amazingly animated, that much is undeniable. J.C. Staff clearly have the funding to be able to make Prison School an actual visual pleasure and, no, what I’m referring to is not the constant stream of fan service.


I’ve got to be honest…not much is coming to mind when thinking about the Anime’s auditory quality. Yes, the voice actors and actresses who lend their talents to their respective characters did a very good job with hitting comedic cues and making some of the cringe-worthy humour funny for even us living outside of the Japanese language barrier, but as far as the soundtrack goes…I really have nothing to say.

Unless it is forced into your face, much like that of the visuals and a lot of the punishments dealt out to the characters in the show, it’s hard to pick up on much apart from the insanity going on in the story. Look, this is as strange for me writing as it is for you reading, I don’t usually have nothing to say about an aspect of the new Anime but it is what it is and with Prison School what it is…is something seriously messed up.


As I said before; I’m totally watching the rest of this Anime. Here’s the thing; you cannot go into prison school thinking it’s going to be anything more than what it is, which is basically just porn you can show on late-night Japanese television. It’s also amazingly funny, by the way. If you’re not glued to the screen or forced to look away from it, you’re laughing incredibly hard. Many times while watching the first episode I yelped in delight as if a visceral comedic reaction was literally pulled out of my stomach by the characters on screen.

Yes, it was hard for the people I was with to watch, but I feel like they were in a different place than I was while viewing the episode. I was excited to watch what I thought would make them uncomfortable, they were unexcited because they knew that’s exactly what I was trying to do…and it really didn’t work. While I came out of it being the only one confident that I was going to continue, I still think some like-minded people will really enjoy Prison School.

Seriously; if you ARE a sexually-charged human being that’s into dominatrix-style pornography, Prison School is something you’ll majorly enjoy. If you’re someone like me that doesn’t care at all about fan service and enjoys some ridiculous comedy, you’ll enjoy Prison School equally as much. If your favorite show is Naruto because of it’s uplifting story and moral-filled episode style…avoid Prison School with ever fibre of your being. This is NOT for you! Don’t go near it! It may actually kill you! For everyone else…enjoy!

Feel like getting your kink on? Watch Prison School through FUNimation’s online streaming service: Click Here


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