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First Thoughts: “Myriad Colours Phantom World” – How Low Can You Go?


I have no idea what to say about this Anime. It has confused me, as well as many others, not because of it’s complex story or challenging character archetypes, but because it has left me feeling somewhat in a state of, let’s say…limbo. Why? Well Myriad Colours Phantom World is a new Anime series that plays host to some wonderfully vibrant, masterfully-animated visuals, a story that piques the imagination which can be expanded on in coming episodes…and a scene wherein which the heroin of the story must use breast physics simply to prove how low she can go. I’m talking limbo, baby!

Myriad Colours Phantom World follows the story of a group of young men and women with fantastical powers that allow them to combat supernatural forces known as Phantoms. As the story goes; these Phantoms have always existed, but thanks to a freak accident a poisonous gas clouded the globe, not killing people, but allowing them to now see these once-mysterious creatures. Now, as that stands…this story is fairly interesting. We’ve seen stuff like this in the past, sure, but not to the exact degree that Myriad Colours Phantom World has put forth. To say the very least; it has a story that compels you to continue watching in the hopes that, one day, you’ll be able to figure out the great mystery behind this world-changing event.


The Anime has, so far, small cast of colourful characters, most of which are females who only prove to test the sexual willpower of the group’s single male. For as much high-octane action as this series has, it also has just about as much fanservice, which is fine if you can look past how considerably unnecessary it all is. Mai Kawakami, the bustiest of the ladies introduced at this point in time, is an incredibly powerful fighter who can use unique mantras to call on the power of the world’s elements…fortunately for all the males (and some females) watching, she must also caress her own shapely form before the effects of her body-altering techniques can activate.

Fanservice is a standard in the Anime and Manga world. Hell, some of my all time favorite series’ are flooded with fanservice, but for some strange reason the scenes in Myriad Colours Phantom World are all the more…unnerving. Is it because of the incredible close-up shots of this underage girl’s unrealistic body? Quite possibly! Is it the overemphasis on her moans and groans as she places her hands on her own body? Most likely! Is it the very end of the episode where she has to shimmy herself under a low-hanging limbo pole, using the momentum of her enormous breast to get her from one side to the other? Yeah, that’s the one!


Regardless, the show does feature a visual style that will absolutely knock your block off! It’s all very colourful, dynamic, and gives off one hell of a vigorous feeling that practically bestows you with energy you never thought you had, but then it brings you back down to Earth with unnecessary dialogue pieces and character introductions that make other characters seem utterly irrelevant. Thankfully the Anime also has a very good soundtrack which pairs up well with not only the animation but the vibe of the story as a whole.

My hopes for the series is that it leans heavier into story-telling while taking it a little easier on the obtuse sexualisation. I don’t find it too grand of a problem, but from what I can tell by talking to people about it; it was enough to make audience unconfident in regards to their watching of the series. I AM going to continue watching Myriad Colours Phantom World because I’m actually actually quite fond of the series’ story, though it has yet to be fully detailed at this point in time. I feel as though they can take audiences on an interesting ride through a world occupied by two different types of living being, and that really does excite me! The writers just have to decide what is more important; making silly jokes, or telling a good story. I’m praying for one above the other.

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