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First Thoughts: ‘Maria the Virgin Witch’ – How To Train Your Virgin Dragon


The virgin who is also a witch I suppose..

So that was pretty much what I had expected it to be, but at least there was a dragon right?

Maria the Virgin Witch is a series which you can probably tell if you will enjoy it or not based solely on your reaction to its title. The show follows a virgin witch named Maria who exists in the middle ages during a time of war between the French and English but you know who cares about that because can you believe this chick is a virgin?! Like wow who would have thought that a girl in her teens could possibly not have had sex? How bizarre and definitely a point worth repeatedly addressing throughout the span of 23 minutes of television.

All that aside I actually enjoyed Maria the Virgin Witch to some degree. The setting of the Hundred Year War is a fresh one at that and definitely makes for some interesting narrative possibilities. The only problem is that the series is so obsessed with the idea of virginity that is struggles to focus for more than 30 seconds on the seriousness of war. Despite that fact that it is said that Maria is vehemently against war, her grand appearance to halt the battle quickly descends into a comedy bit about her being a virgin. But hey, at least there was a dragon there right?

The good part.

The good part.

The show is based upon a manga from the rather acclaimed mangaka behind Moyashimon, yet somehow Maria the Virgin Witch feels like a far cry from Ishikawa’s past work. I did get a sense that there is potential for this series, the cast had a decent amount of personality and the setting is rich with real world history to plunder through. Whether Maria the Virgin Witch makes use of that is another question altogether.

Ultimately Maria the Virgin Witch is a series that you’ll either love or hate. There isn’t much leg room for an in between. The concept is intriguing, a reinvisioned history of the Hundred Year Wars with an added dash of witches and dragons. However the shows constant need to lean on the subject of virginity is borderline fetishist. Whether it outgrows that reliance on virginity gags and develops into a show that deals with some heavier topics such as the consequence of war and the reasons why we fight is anyone’s guess. I for one hope that Maria the Virgin Witch finds that sense of maturity and makes the most of its high potential setting.

Someone call Scooby, he's getting lucky tonight!

Someone call Scooby, he’s getting lucky tonight!

I’ll be giving Maria the Virgin Witch the 3 episode test, whether it holds up, I don’t know. This one is definitely on the borderline but if it wasn’t for making up for its lackluster elements by reaching its dragon quota Maria the Virgin Witch wouldn’t have made it over the line. Let’s see whether this show can soar to great heights and become the spiritual successor to How to Train Your Dragon I hope it can be or whether it’ll wind up being ecchi comedy #862. Here’s hoping for How to Train Your Dragon 3.

You can check out Maria the Virgin Witch and her Dragon over at AnimeLab.


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