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First Thoughts: Girls Beyond the Wasteland – WHAT A LOVELY DAY!



So we’re going to start this off with me being completely honest about how I felt prior to the 2016 winter season of anime starting: originally I didn’t much care for it. Besides fangirling over another new anime release from KyoAni with Myriad Colours Phantom World, “KyoAni finds a way!”, nothing else stood out too much to me. Erased sounded alright, but I was going to wait until the show had finished just in case this seasons “saviour of anime” turned out to be ANOTHER flop, I didn’t even give BBK/BRNK a second look until Frank said I should go check it out, Dagashi Kashi was in the same boat until the internet went into an uproar about it and I haven’t even seen GATE yet, so checking out season 2 was pointless.


Here come the torches and pitchforks

Of course, now that the season has actually started my opinion has changed drastically to what was previously mentioned. However there is one show that has seemed to have gone mostly under the radar that, personally, I think will be better than just about everything this season has to offer: Girls Beyond the Wasteland. As you probably know by now, I’m a sucker for school-based, “romcom” and/or drama based anime.

Girls Beyond the Wasteland, also known as Girls Beyond the Youth KOYA, portrays the story of a high school student named Buntarou who gets scouted by a fellow high school student, Sayuki, to help her create a bishoujo game because of his excellent story writing skills. The only problem is that Buntarou doesn’t have the slightest clue about bishoujo games. Going off of the first episode only Girls Beyond the Wasteland establishes it’s self quite well and shows a brief example on what is to come as it progresses in the coming weeks.


Like high school girls cornering boys in the boys toilets 

Starting with the characters, Buntarou especially, we get to briefly see who they are, what they do and their relations to each other. Things like their personalities, what they do outside of school and what they do in school, club wise mostly, are all covered within the first episode. The show really sets up most of the main cast straight away so that they can jump into developing the story, and this is without them looking over or rushing introductions either. On top of that the story is still being pushed forward from the word go and starting halfway in onwards we see our main-main stars setup the foundations of the plot. Add your typical, non-bland, “romcom” elements, coverage of some of our secondary characters and hints at future endeavours and you can really see that Project No.9 and barnum studios seem to be taking the show in the right direction.

Speaking of Project No.9 and barnum studio; the animation work they’ve both done for Girls Beyond the Wasteland is basically the norm for school-based anime. Fancy lighting effects, good colours, really well done movement and so on. As I’ve said before in my KanColle and Charlotte first impressions however, don’t take that as it being really “dull” or “boring”, but it is not the kind of show that’ll be remembered as having “10/10, to die for animation“. However, the character designs, to me at least, do stand out. Not because they’re something “different”, but mainly because of that moe-esque look to the characters. Again, another thing that I’m a real sucker for.


“Sucker for moe-esque characters”

Soundtrack wise the show uses your basic, school-based anime tunes. You know, the upbeat tunes, ‘wacky’ background music in a comedic moment and calm songs when our ‘mc’ is narrating. I’ve really enjoyed the OP, it’s quite catchy and upbeat which again gives you a brief example on how the show will play out, unless Girls Beyond the Wasteland pulls a Madoka Magica on us. It is highly unlikely, but you can’t trust a lot of shows these days…ED wise it’s basically the same affair with the OP: a catchy, upbeat song. Really there isn’t too much to say about the soundtrack overall, except for the fact that it isn’t terrible or irritating but it won’t be featured as a ‘must-listen anime soundtrack’.

To finish things up, if you’re into the school-based and/or typical “romcom” based anime that we’ve seen throughout this generation then you will enjoy this show. The show is looking to be a little different to the norm, not an Oregairu but more of a Sakurasou. Take it from me now, this is definitely a show that us folk should watch or at least keep a close eye on. And for the guys who aren’t really interested in these kinds of shows, I still recommend this show to you. Give it a try, you may end up liking it, and if you don’t then you can come back to me and tell me just how bad you think it is.

You can check out Girls Beyond the Wasteland over on AnimeLab (Click Here) if you’re from Australia and New Zealand and over on Hulu (Click Here) if you’re from the U.S.

Now that you’ve hopefully spray painted your mouth silver and yelled at the world about how lovely the day is, what are your thoughts on Girls Beyond the Wasteland? Let me know down in the comments below!


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