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First Thoughts: Dagashi Kashi Makes Snack Time Fun Again


Snack time just isn’t what it used to be, with the world so obsessed with calorie count, artificial sugary goods and and high sodium savoury treats have been demonised as being worse than cigarettes. Even kids these days have become too health concious for their own good. Still, many of us still love to partake in cheap delicacies that intend to give you fun flavour and next to no nutrition. Snack culture may be fading away in the West just like arcade gaming is, but Japan still loves to go crazy with progressive snack ideas. Enter any Asian supermarket or Japanese speciality store and you’ll find the most delicious, but at the same time very strange, assortment of confectioneries. No flavour is too unorthodox in the Japanese food market.

Simulcasting on AnimeLab, Dagashi Kashi is based on a manga that focuses on the wonderful and bizarre world of Nippon munchies. It’s a uniquely fun and charming anime, qualities that are hard to achieve in the very saturated anime market, but Dagashi Kashi steps out from the crowd and looks good doing it. A light hearted comedy that feels like a digestible sitcom than anything else, with a likeable cast of characters living in a quaint country town. The slow and easy pace of it all makes Dagashi Kashi a pleasant viewing experience.


What really stood out to me were the vivid facial expressions of the characters. Now exaggerated expressions are commonplace in anime, but the facial expressions in Dagashi Kashi have this unique quirkiness that make them so much fun to watch. It has all these little touches that make the characters memorable, coupled with some smooth flowing and charmingly surreal dialogue. The manic but lovely Hotaru, and the short-tempered but adorable Saya, in particular, stand out in this regard.

Seeing fairly grown people talk about candy and snacks with so much enthusiasm and imagination is strangely intoxicating, and not to mention it’s fun to learn about Japanese confectioneries, some of which I had never seen or heard of. I guess that’s what makes Dagashi Kashi so appealing, it takes place right in the heart of a simple down-to-earth Japanese community, focusing on simple pleasures of life like instant ramen and cheap toys that come packed-in with sweets.

It’s silly, it’s simple, but at the same time it’s utterly unique and charming. Give Dagashi Kashi a watch, you’ll certainly have fun with it as it’s really well-made and accomplishes everything it tries to do with success. And in the meantime, you can also watch Frank and Kane try some delicious Dagashi Kashi for themselves.


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