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First Thoughts: ‘Classroom Crisis’ – The Ace of Space


Outer space – For centuries humanity has pondered what lies beyond the stars. But what if we were what lied beyond the stars? What if humanity populated the entire solar system? Classroom Crisis toys with the idea for a hot minute and then immediately becomes a fun space romp that doesn’t go all in from the get go, instead almost strategically keeping its cards close to its chest.

Classroom Crisis has one hell of a hook in its galactic terraforming, there is no denying that. However despite such a killer hook, this first episde puts it aside in exchange for 23 minutes of fun hanging out with the titular classroom of colourful characters as they squabble over their class budget and things like who will get to fly the ship. It doesn’t sound like stuff that makes for thrilling anime yet Classroom Crisis manages to make every minute of its first episode engaging.

What stands out immediately about Classroom Crisis is its quirky cast of characters. The cast feels well established by the time the show even begins moving the plot forward, with each character coming off as fully formed and having already previously existed before the cameras switched on and we started watching them in class. While we don’t exactly know too much about them as of yet you get a good grasp of who these people are and what they are all about, which is of course impressive considering this is just the first episode.


It must be said that this episode’s plot was a little lacking. I really couldn’t grasp the scenario with the hostage situation involving the transfer student but I was having so much fun that I didn’t really care. Besides I can only presume we will come to understand the situation to a greater extent as the series rolls on. My greatest curiosity abut this series is where exactly it is going to go. The premise seems interesting enough but where is Classroom Crisis heading? I’m interested to find out that’s for sure.

The art on the series is beautifully composed and looks great in just about every way. It is visually interested with the sci-fi setting well realised and truly intriguing. Not to discount the soundtrack which I found to be very fitting and catchy throughout.


Ultimately Classroom Crisis’ first episode was more than a little bit of a scattershot. Luckily for Classroom Crisis nearly all of it sticks the landing and proves to be highly entertaining. I love a good sci-fi story and Classroom Crisis looks to be taking conventional ideas to some rather wonderful extremes. If it can continue to surprise and explore its setting in as compelling fashion as it does here then we may have a truly special anime in the making here.

You can check out Classroom Crisis on the AnimeLab streaming service.


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