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First Thoughts: “Chaika The Coffin Princess: Avenging Battle” – Guns and Swords and Magic and Stuff


Hey, reader! Can you believe it has been four months since the first season of ‘Chaika The Coffin Princess’ finished? Yeah, it’s been FOUR MONTHS! It doesn’t seem like four months is that large of a time span but, think about it, a lot can happen in four months. The most notable thing for me would be the creation and development of the site you’re currently reading from, so you can see why it feels as though it’s been a long time since I last laid eyes on the wonderfully engaging Anime.

For those of you not up to speed; basically ‘Chaika The Coffin Princess’, ‘Hitsugi No Chaika’ in Japanese, follows the journey of a young gothic lolita lass called Chaika. As you can probably already assume; she carries around a coffin that happens to play host to a long-range magic firearm she refers to as a ‘Gundo’. This coffin, by the end of the first season, also happens to safely hold the individual limbs of here once alive father who was the lands greatest wizard and one hell of a tyrannical warlord.

As a loving daughter, all Chaika wants to do is collect her fathers limbs from the group of warriors that literally separated the man so that she can give him a proper burial, BUT these dismembered body parts also happen to feature some serious magical energy which makes these legendary heroes doubt her seemingly legitimate intentions. Hiring two saboteurs named Toru and Akari, who happen to be adopted siblings, Chaika sets off to gather the pieces of her father but along the way discovers that she’s not the only little lady calling herself Chaika and looking for a dead guy’s body parts. How exciting!


The last season ended with a huge battle between two floating fortresses that caused the death of many fighters including one of the secondary characters who, in my opinion, was a super cool dood who didn’t deserve to die like that! Excuse me…I seem to have gone a little overboard. Season two, titled ‘Avenging Battle’, did something rare but awesome with its first episode; it simply moved on. It didn’t feel like the first episode to a new season, in my opinion. Instead it felt like I had just taken a break from watching ‘Chaika The Coffin Princess’ for a while and decided to try it out again with the latest episode.

Many Anime fall victim to flashbacks or over explanation of past events, especially in the very first episode of a new season, but ‘Avenging Battle’ didn’t so we were actually given a full episode of brand-new story development. Chaika is still searching for her father’s remains and the team are mid-battle when the episode begins. They’re fighting another of the heroic warriors that took down Lord Gaz (Chaika’s dad) and who they’re up against also happens to be a Gundo aficionado who, as you can imagine, uses her weapon so much better than Chaika does. Without getting too much into story, I’d rather you be able to enjoy it yourself, this episode is one that sparks up a fire in Chaika’s heart to become stronger so that Toru and Akari aren’t always babying her through a battle.

Wow, a character who knows their weakness and does their best to actually improve…THAT’S AMAZING! What makes the episode even better is that it is layered with a sub plot that features the team of the man who unfortunately met his death at the end of the last season. Something odd but interesting has happened to one of their teammates and we’re slowly about to start finding out exactly what it is. Not to mention the very, very, very start of the episode showed the great war and Emperor Gaz organizing the ‘Chaika’ initiative, something I’m way too excited about one day understanding. “It’s full of the good stuff”, is what I’m trying to say!Princess-Avenging-Battle-Episode-One-Screenshot-03

I’m sure this goes without saying but the animation as well as the voice acting and the soundtrack are still sitting high on the quality scale. I can honestly say I’ve seen or heard a big difference from the last season but that’s not a bad thing seeing as season one had some fantastically animated sequences. Chaika is still the very cutest character of all time with her small frame, chunky eyebrows and cutesy voice actress. She could probably ditch the whole ‘gothic lolita’ thing but all I ever wear is a t-shirt and shorts so who the hell am I to question fashion?

‘Avenging Battle’ actually had me literally laughing out loud during some scenes. It wasn’t what characters said either, it was the way they looked or the way they acted and it was entirely on purpose. Whether it’s Chaika getting pummeled with a pillow or her gloriously-animated eating scenes, she’s always good for a bit of a giggle and that’s why I consider her to be one of the most well-like female character leads of all time. She’s so dopey and cute and quirky and she has a huge gun that she shoots magic with…isn’t that, like, awesome?

Episode one of ‘Avenging Battle’, amidst the dialogue and story building, also featured a whole bunch of action which was so well animated. Seeing the team once again return to the battlefield is so exiting and the fact that animation is smooth yet crisp and flowing like a river makes watching the episode so much better of an experience. Judging from this episode and, in fact, the entire first season I can assume with great confidence that ‘Chaika The Coffin Princess: Avenging Battle’ is going to be such a fantastic Anime season. I can’t wait to see what’s to come next.



  1. I really don’t want to believe Gillette has gone :'(

    But I agree with you that it was really enjoyable to just have the story move on straight away. It was good to just jump straight back into it and enjoy their company once again!

    • Frank Inglese says

      I never usually like character types like Gillette’s but he was actually one of my favorite characters. Sad to see that he’s gone but I’ve got a feeling it wont be for long.

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