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First Thoughts: Attack On Titan: Junior High – School’s Out!


Attack On Titan is one of the most popular modern Anime adaptations of recent times, which is completely justified considering not only how well it was animated by also how interesting a story it features. Now that it has become as popular as it is now, the market has flooded and the over-saturation of Attack On Titan media has finally set in. That’s why things like Attack On Titan: Junior High exist; because people can’t seem to get enough, and they’ll take anything they can get. Fact is; there’s no reason Attack On Titan: Junior High should exist, by any means.

AOT: Junior High is simply a comedic parody of the original series, but labelling it as such is already false considering it isn’t at all funny. The premise is simple; the main cast of the series are younger and they attend a school literally called Attack On Titan: Junior High that, I assume, teaches them how to kill Titans. I only assume because, even in the first episode, it’s not detailed whatsoever.

The Titans, in this offshoot series, are no longer hungry for the flesh of human beings. Instead, their tastes lie more within the same boundaries as our own; with the Colossal Titan breaking down the wall for the sake of stealing school lunches. Eren still wants to kill all of them, and very much for that reason, which may seem comedic in some ways…but it absolutely is not. The one reason I watched the first episode of this Anime was simple because I thought I’d, at least, get a chuckle out of it but every pseudo-gag fell flat on it’s face. I almost fell sorry for the Anime.

Every joke felt as though it was written by someone who had only half watched the series and also knew they weren’t funny enough to piece together a well-spoken, succinct, and clever quip…so they went as low-brow as possible. All the same characters are there, albeit in over-exaggerated forms that make them seem more one-dimensional than they are in the series which is good for a bit of a giggle, that is, until they spend too much time on a single individual.


Visually, the first episode is fine. It’s super deformed, chibi style makes it nice to look at for the most part, but it gets boring once you realise that nothing too awe-inspiring can be done with chibis alone. What the simple style is good for, though? Comedy, and that’s about it. Things are a lot funnier when done or spoken by a caricature of a character you’ve come to love through the main series, but apart from that it simply doesn’t have much going on.

Attack On Titan: Junior High is a highly unnecessary Anime that only has one goal; to elongate the success of the main Anime series. It has tasted success, and now the powers at be cannot get enough so they’ll literally do everything they can to keep it going. Had Junior High been genuinely funny, I wouldn’t be saying half the things I have in this opinion piece. The main point of the Anime was that it was meant to be a parody of the main series, and it came across as nothing but a silly waste of time. Harsh, but true in the end.

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