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First Teaser Trailer Released For the Upcoming “Astro Boy” Reboot


There’s something you absolutely need to see before the day is done and it the very first teaser trailer for the upcoming “Astro Boy” Anime reboot. The official website for the new series has today been updated to include said teaser trailer and, without giving too much away, I must say that it is looking to be something wonderfully magical.

This new series marks the coming together of three international studios; Tezuka Productions (Japan), Caribara Animation (France), and Shibuya Animation (Monaco), all for one purpose and that’s to create a brand-new “Astro Boy” Anime series for this generation to enjoy.

The reboot will feature a new story that, while very much like the original “Astro Boy”, will be filled with things we’ve yet to see “Mighty Atom” do or experience. Despite being directed at young boys and girls between the ages of eight and twelve, I can see how this new series will, once again, capture the hearts and minds of the older fans of the long-running series.

I, for one, am excited to see what this triforce of animation studios can do with the like of “Astro Boy” and, if this teaser is anything to judge by, it looks like what they’re doing is something beautiful. Check it out for yourself:



  1. Over 50 years since the original Astro Boy first aired. I haven’t watched much of the original, though. Astro Boy is one of the first shows that introduced anime to the world. This is pretty cool. It would be mice to see some other classics get a reboot.

    • Frank Inglese says

      What kind of shows would you like to see get a reboot?

      • Well, when I watched Bakuman, Ashita no Joe was mentioned. I’ve never watched any boxing, real or animated, so if it was remade in contemporary animation quality, I’d like to watch it. Hajime no ippo is too long for my tastes.

      • Frank Inglese says

        Hajime No Ippo, though, can be watched in arcs that dont necessarily connect which makes it easier to watch.

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