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First Screenshots Of New Marvelous Title “Uppers” Released Online


Only yesterday we reported on the newly announced Marvelous title produced by Senran Kagura’s very own Kenichiro Takaki; a upcoming video game called “Uppers” that has players duking it out as a young man named Ranma Kamashiro against other thugs all brought to a mysterious place known as Last Resort Island, wherein which they’re forced to beat each other to bloody pulps for the sake of pure entertainment. For the previous news piece, please refer to this article: Click Here.

Yesterday, there wasn’t much to be said or seen in regards to this new game. From what we were told through Famitsu’s online publication; it’s a simple yet not-so-simple fighting game produced by a much-loved figure in the Japanese gaming industry and that, much like a lot of the best games that never seem to make it out of Japan, it is being developer for the PlayStation Vita. Well Famitsu have updated their site to include a little bit more information on the game as well as the very first batch of screenshots and, judging by the few that have been released, this game is looking to be one hell of a good time.

Something that excites me personally is not just the ability to motorboat women while fighting, but that this game is being developed by the studio that conceived the video game series Kenka Bancho; a series that is close to my heart. Bullets, the studio in question, will be handling all of the game’s development with some obvious input by the father of Senran Kagura himself, Kenichiro takaki.

Much like that of Sega’s Yakuza series of brawling video games, Uppers will allow you to not only beat your opponents down with nothing but your fists, but it will allow you to use your environment to your advantage; throwing opponents against walls or cracking their skulls with a broken fire hydrant, it’s all up to you. Be as brutally imaginative as you possibly can and, chances are, you’ll make it off this island alive.

Uppers is looking to be the beautiful love child of Danganronpa (the brutal island), Kenka Bancho (the delinquent flamboyance), Yakuza (the flashy combat), and Senran Kagura (the overt sexuality). Upon release my assumption is that the world will simply end. Video games like this cannot just…exist. If anything, they need a realm of their own to call home. The dimension in which we currently live in is nowhere near strong enough to handle a game of this calibre.


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