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First Promotional Video Released For My Hero Academia Anime’s Second Season


Kohei Horikoshi’s My Hero Academia is one of the most popular Shonen Jump Manga in the publication’s modern era, and it’s Anime adaptation is seemingly no different. An instant hit, this series gained large-scale popularity across the world, with Viz Media being forced to release the Manga digitally through it’s Weekly Shonen Jump app by sheer demand of widespread audience. The Anime adaptation, which has been legally streamed across the world, met with much he same reception as it’s source material so it’s no surprise that, almost as soon as it’s first season ended, it was revealed to be getting a second.

Bones, the studio behind the series, has just revealed the ver first promotional video for the upcoming second season, and although it’s only some thirty seconds long it’s still enough to get the blood pumping. Unfortunately the release period for the second season has yet to be disclosed, but we WILL be seeing this in 2017, and it is more likely to begin airing in the earlier months rather than the later, but as that isn’t officially confirmed I wouldn’t hold your breath.

This second season will follow the Manga’s “U.A. Sports Festival Arc” which sees the students of Midoriya’s class go up against the rest of the school in what can only be described as the most high-octane sports festival to ever grace the small screen. With the introduction of new characters, new complications, and the transition into an even more thrilling arc, it’s hard to want to pass this season up!

Regardless of it’s release, you’re here to watch the short teaser trailer and I have provided it for you just below. Enjoy!


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