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First Piece Of Attack On Titan Season 2 Footage Leaked Online


How long has it been since the first season of the Attack On Titan Anime adaptation finished? September 2013 was when the final episode aired so, at this point in time, it’s been just over two solid years. I feel as though we, the Japanese pop culture-loving audience, have waited far too long to hear or see something regarding the upcoming second season and, until today, there was absolutely nothing for us to sink our teeth into. We’ve waited a long time, all the while knowing that a second season has been in the works ever since the end of the last. Not only did the final episode end on a cliffhanger, but the fact that the Anime was so popular means that Wit Studio will absolutely be making more, so it’s nice to finally get the chance to see, even slightly, what’s in store for us in the upcoming season, and thanks to a leaked preview video, that’s exactly what we’ve gotten.

Attack-On-Titan-Final-Episode-Screenshot-01Now the pseudo-journalist in me is kicking himself for not having the proper information regarding the distribution of this video, but I’ll grin and bare it considering, well…no-one really knows just where this video came from. Posted on 4chan by an anonymous French user, the video provided for you below shows the preview of the upcoming season being held at some sort of private event, the likes of which we’re still not too sure about, but it looks as though it’s being shown during a credit sequence of something else undisclosed. Whatever that could be is entirely up to speculation. It could possibly be the end of a special screening of one of the Anime movies, but I can’t say that with any real certainty. It is filmed using a standard camera so the preview isn’t necessarily the best quality, but it’s all we have at this point in time and if you’re a fan of Attack On Titan hankering for more…this is just what you’re going to have to deal with.

It looks as though the second season is going to start off literally where the first ended, and it also seems as though it will be closesly following the Manga’s story line, once again, much like that of the first season. There’s still no word on exactly when this season is set to air and, who knows, we may not know for quite some time, but we do know it is coming, and we do have this unsteady video showing just what it is that we can expect from it, so at least be happy about that.


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