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First Look At The New ‘Ghost in the Shell’ Movie, It Looks Good

ghost-in-the-shell-2015Ghost in the Shell is more than just a global multi-million dollar anime, manga, film and video-game franchise. Ghost in the Shell is a revolution that started turning 25 years ago. A fire that still burns today.

Now here we stand 25 years later with a brand new Ghost in the Shell film on its way. The revolution still rages on as the very definition of anime is once again redefined. The impact of Ghost in the Shell has made a lasting impact on the anime medium with countless series drawing inspiration from the classic.

Production I.G. have released a trailer showcasing the first look at the upcoming 2015 anime film. To put it lightly, it looks good, to put it extremely, I think I just wet myself. See for yourself in the trailer below. Do be sure to stay tuned for further updates on the film as we head towards its imminent release into the world.


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