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First Look at Hasbro’s Yo-Kai Watch Toys


EB Games Expo 2015 was a big day for Yo-Kai Watch fans with the world premiere of the English dub screening at the event and the game showcased for thousands of attendees to get their hands on. But that wasn’t all that was on show however. Hasbro’s line of Yo-Kai Watch toys were shown for the first time ever at the event and they look every bit as good as their Japanese counterparts.

On show were plushies, watches and even medals. First of all I must say that these plushies looked to be of great quality and utterly adorable. There was Jibanyan, Komasan, Robonyan and even Whisper plush toys. They were a medium size and were rather similar to the Japanese plushies but a bit more rounded and shapely compared to the Japanese plushies for the series which were more often toy heavy.


As for the Yo-Kai Watch itself, it looks a little bit bigger than the Japanese equivalent and looks to come bundled with 2 medals, one for Jibanyan and one for Whisper. Rather curiously the packaging for the watch feels it necessary to explain that the watch does not actually tell the time. Of course the watch is used for connecting Yo-Kai Medals in order to get a sound effect of the specific Yo-Kai, playing off like the summoning in the series. The quality of the watch is quite good and it didn’t look too bulky considering it looks a bit bigger than the Japanese version.

In terms of the Yo-Kai Medals there was a few packages for the Medals on display. Each packet comes with 3 Medals and it seems to be clearly displayed on the packet which Medals you will get which is different to the Japanese which keeps it a bit more of a mystery. I do wonder if there will be other ways to get the Medals as in Japan there were Gachapon machines they dispensed them and also some came alongside candy and other things like that. The packets on show featured Komajiro, Baddude and Wriggle. The Medals looked great and not really significantly different from the Japanese originals. I’m most interested as to how they will release these and if there will be shortages like there was in Japan.


Also on show was figurines one for Jibanyan and one for Whisper. It is pretty obvious these two characters are being pushed as the iconic characters for the series and the figures look great. It appears that the Whisper figure can hold Yo-Kai Medals as well which is pretty neat. I hope to see more figures come out for the Yo-Kai as there as plenty to make one of. If Hasbro keeps them of this great quality they will be undoubtedly a must have item for any Yo-Kai Watch fan.

Ultimately the collectible nature of the Yo-Kai Watch merchandise is the big selling point for these toys. You can’t just get one Yo-Kai Medal you need to get them all. I have no doubt that these will be must have items for kids this Christmas and Hasbro have put a lot of effort in to make sure that the merchandise is not only on par with the original Japanese but even better in many instances. Check out the slideshow below for a look at the various toys for Yo-Kai Watch.

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