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First Look At Digimon Universe’s New Digital Monsters And Protagonist


Tomorrow marks the official kickoff of the Tokyo Toy Show 2016, so as you can imagine; sites like us based all around the world are preparing for some interesting product reveals alongside some tasty news that will surely excite the world as a whole. Us here at SnapThirty are moreso looking forward to the new information said to be released regarding the upcoming addition to the long Digimon lineage which is now under the new name; Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters.

Last month, Bandai teased us with the creation of the official Digimon Universe website that, apart from some mostly-opaque images, showed us nothing about the new multimedia project. Today though, Bandai have created a Twitter account for the new project that features a couple of pictures that, until this point, were never before seen. Two images; one serving as the account’s banner image, and the other serving as the accounts display picture have revealed to the world the protagonist of this project alongside the flagship Digimon and a few others.


Unfortunately, no information has been disclosed regarding the young boy seen in the picture, nor the Digimon shown either side of him, but if you look closely in the background you may just notice that previous Digital Monsters make somewhat of an appearance, the most obvious of which is an alternative-looking Shoutmon alongside what looks to be an unfamiliar evolution of Gumdramon; the two head Digimon from the latest season of the franchise’s Anime series. Though, in saying that, the Shoutmon I just mentioned could also be an evolution of the new flagship Digital Monster that simply has an uncanny resemblance to Shoutmon. This, as of right now, is all speculation.

As you may know; the new Digimon to appear in the upcoming project will all be based roughly around SmartPhone applications that already exist. The story behind their appearance is that artificial intelligence develops from the data stored within these applications and thus they give birth to Digimon. This iterations banner Digimon is clearly based on the Search option of the SmartPhone, there are Digimon based on the Chat application, Music application, Maps application, and it is all very much obvious which monster is based off of which application.


Come tomorrow, and across the coming weekend, we will be seeing much more about Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters, and I personally could not be more excited! Keep your eyes on SnapThirty for all the news of it when it breaks. As a big fan of Digimon I can’t help but keep myself very much attached to this year’s Tokyo Toy Show out of sheer excitement alone. I hope that you will join me for what I feel is going to be another incredible expo!

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