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First Combo Characters Revealed For Upcoming 3DS Game Dragon Ball: Fusions


The last time I wrote a news piece regarding this particular video game, it’s official name hadn’t even been revealed. All we knew about it is that it happened to be a Dragon Ball video game for the Nintendo 3DS that revolved around the varying fusions of many characters. With the announcement of the game came an interested piece of promotional art that showed series protagonist Goku partaking in the Fusion Dance with sworn enemy Broly, who happens to be one of my favorite characters. Bandai Namco Entertainment have revealed more about the game in the latest issue of V-Jump magazine that not only shows the product of Goku and Broly’s fusion, but also a few others, each of which happen to be a combination featuring Krillin…of all characters.

Starting off; it has been revealed that you will be able to create and customise your very own character, choosing from five different races much in the same vein as the previously released Dragon Ball: Xenoverse. The races are as follows; Namekian, Spirit Worldian (Majins and Kais), Alien, Saiyan, Human. Your character, alongside an original character designed specifically for this game, make a wish using the Dragon Balls of which the series is named after. The wish? Well, the two ask Shenron to create for them the universe’s strongest fighter, or “Budokai”. Instead of simply creating this devastatingly powerful warrior, Shenron warps both time and space, brining together some of the most formidable characters in Dragon Ball’s fictional history to partake in a tournament titled the Jikuuichi Budokai. It is during this tournament that many fighters will fuse in an attempt to become the most powerful.

Giving us something to whet our appetite, Bandai Namco Entertainment have taken the opportunity to showcase a few of the fusions that will be present in the game. As you can see in the picture above we have Karoly (Kakarot “Goku” and Broly), Pillin (Piccolo and Krillin), Gollin (Young Goku and Krillin), and Krigohan (Krillin and Gohan…if that wasn’t the most obvious). Aparantly there will be a couple types of fusions, the most powerful being called an EX Fusion, the catalyst of which will be a special armband given to certain characters.

Dragon Ball: Fusions is looking to be quite an interesting game. Good or bad, it is a game that will serve as great fan service for all Dragon Ball fans that ever imagined what the fusion of their favorite characters would look like. For me, it would be Piccolo and Broly, so hopefully I will get a chance to see that in the upcoming game, but I’m not the only one that matters so let us know in the comments section just below this article which Dragon Ball characters you would like to see fused together.

Thank you to Shonengamez for their translation of this magazine scan.


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