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First Attack On Titan Film “Guren No Yumiya” Teaser Trailer Released

Attack-On-Titan-Guren-No-Yumiya-Film-Poster-01Can you believe the ‘Attack On Titan’ anime series first aired just over a year ago? It seems like only yesterday that we were following the show week by week, each episode cringing at another one of our favorite character’s death.

The series gave birth to a slew of different internet memes that stretched across the globe like the effects of a deadly plague and sent anime fans into a Titan-like frenzy.

Well soon you’ll be able to experience ‘Attack On Titan’ one more time with the release of the series’ first compilation movie! Did you ever want to see the death of Eren’s mother on the big screen? I know I did! Now citizens of Japan will be able to do exactly that.

The ‘Attack On Titan’ compilation films ‘Guren No Yumiya” and ‘Jiyuu No Tsubasa’, were only just announced to be getting a theatrical release in Japan in the near future with the first film being released on the 22nd of November and the second being noted to have a 2015 release.

The first compilation film will cover the events of the first thirteen episodes while the second one will be in charge of covering the rest of the series.

Today the anime series’ official site released the very first trailer for the upcoming compilation film (‘Gurren No Yumiya’) but don’t get too excited because it’s just a teaser trailer and only goes for about thirty seconds.

While doing a good job at raising hype for the upcoming films, the trailer didn’t actually show any new footage which leads me to believe there will be no new animation for the movie, instead it will stick closely to the title of ‘compilation film’ and just feature scenes from the original anime series.

This is somewhat of a shame, but I can’t comment on it in an entirely negative way because the series WAS incredibly well-animated and had plenty of ‘gravitas’ so maybe compiling certain scenes into a full-length movie might be a good move.

I suppose we’ll just have to wait until it is released but, for now, you can check out the teaser trailer just under this article. Give it a watch and let us know what you think.


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