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Final Thoughts: “Death Parade” – Life Isn’t A Game 


It all started with a small project, a story about life and death being laid out onto the felt of a billiards table. That turner into so much more with the eventual beginning of the series we now call “Death Parade”. Knowing not what to expect besides the playing of bar games in contention for ones life, “Death Parade” immediately grasped the attention of audiences the world over not only wity the nature of its story but with the varying directions each episode followed. To say the very least…”Death Parade” was truly the stand out series of the season.

In twelve episodes the series managed to introduce us to a pretty sizeable cast while detailing to us just why it is that we should like or hate them without being to overt or obvious about it. Every episode was wrapped in an air of mystery and you never truly knew who’s side you were on until the very last minutes but as those final moments rolled in it was finally made clear just who these people truly were. One could say that, as an audience member, you indeed follow the same path as that of the arbiters judging the damned.


THAT was what allowed us as simple watchers to truly become invested in such an outlandish and interesting premise. It was that paired with the deep and oddly realistic stories that made “Death Parade” the greatest Anime of the season. The series managed to kick itself off with one hell of a great first episode and then continued to get better and better all the way up until the finale which delivered audiences enough raw emotion to keep then locked on the series long after it is gone. Now at the time of writing this it’s been about two hours since I watched the finale episode but in those two hours I’ve replayed the ending over and over about a hundred times. I can only imagine people like me doing the same for weeks and months to come.

Finally, we were shown what it is we’ve been waiting for since episode one; the culmination of a swell of emotions all being unleashed in one blood-curdling howl courtessy of series protagonist Decim. We’re given the “necessary” answers to certain questions and the information we’re not to know, well…that stays very much hidden, allowing you to take from it whatever it is you wish. That is what “Death Parade” did; it never gave you more than you needed nor more than you could handle in that moment. Those behind the scenes knew that there were certain things that should not be explained and others that should. Everything was on a “need to know” basis and it worked entirely in the favor of the series.


If there’s anything to take away from this, it’s that “Death Parade” will go down in history as one of the very best Anime’s to every exist. There are many different reasons as to why and each person that has watched it will give you a different reason why. Some say it is because of the intense emotion of any given episode while others will say it’s because of the realistic interactions between characters.

Some may even say it’s thanks to Decim’s shock of grey hair that kept them watching. It’s up to the individual. What all audience members will agree on though is that it is simply a down right fantastic Anime and that the final moments of that final episode left them with a smile on their face and a warmth in their heart, perfectly mirroring that Decim. It takes a special Anime to do something like that and to say that of “Death Parade” is a severe understatement.


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