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Final Fantasy XV Recieves Some In-Depth Gameplay Information (Jury Still Out on Release Date)


The Highwinds of change are blowing

Final Fantasy XV, FFXV, FF15, FF Versus XIII, whatever you want to call it, this game has been somewhere in the minds of gamers ever since its announcement…which was a while ago. But let’s curb the release date heresay for a while shall we? We’ve got details to discuss, well, I’ve got details to explain and a trailer to show, which is kind of similar to discussion. Anywho, Game Director Hajime Tabata and Marketing Manager Akio Ofuji took to the web of world wideness during a stream entitled Active Time Report in order to reveal som new tidbits about the latest in a long line of fantasies that may or may not be final in nature.

Venturing in-game, villainy will take the form of the Niflheim Empire, a mechanically centered civilisation that has claimed control of the entire world, barring the nation of Lucis. Said force is headed by Emperor Iedolas Aldercapt, though his semi-retired status leaves Ardyn Izunia as the true ruler. Other revealed characters, such as General Glauca and Verstael, hold power within the structure of Niflheim, heading the military forces and developing technology respectively. The Highwind name also makes another appearance, this time around as the surname of Aranea, a Dragoon who heads a particularly skilled mercenary unit.

However, the most interesting piece of information revealed, at least in my opinion, was the the reveal that elemental magic will vary depending on the environment. that is to say that using fire within a rainstorm is a decidedly bad move, whereas utilising said spell in an arid location will result in flammable objects becoming more…on fire than they once were. The fact that elemental magic can be collected and stored as energy is also most certainly important to gameplay, though that will probably be more useful when presented in context, in-game. So, with all that being said, why not witness all of this for yourself? If the full stream is a little too long for your tastes, Square Enix also created a handy, dandy snapshot of the event, highlighting all of the big hitter announcements. There’s also a battle footage trailer that is said to show off the improvements the game has made over elements, such as camera control, since the Episode Duscae. Finally, keep those FFXV tuned ears out on March 30th, for word has it that a release date will be announced via the Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV event. Take that how you will, given the storied history of FFXV and its release, but still, this game is coming…eventually.


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