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“Final Fantasy VII” Is Back And This Time It’s Coming To The PlayStation 4


I consider “Final Fantasy VII”, over all other “Final Fantasy” titles, to be the one that will never die. Every once in a while we get another addition to the ever-growing story of the game, or we get an offshoot of it in mobile gaming form, or we get a re-release of it with the last one being for the PC. Square Enix announced over the weekend that arguably the most loved numeric in the “Final Fantasy” family is getting another re-release but this time it will be heading to the PlayStation 4!

As mentioned, a PC port of the game was released a while back that featured a few significant upgrades from the original release on the original PlayStation, well the PlayStation 4 version will upgraded once more to perform and look better than that of the PC version making it a whole level more superior than the original. Released alongside the announcement was a video of which we’ve provided below. Square Enix have marked “Final Fantasy VII” down for a Spring 2015 release so we’ll be waiting a little while to get it. I’m not sure that matters though because the main point is that we ARE getting it and now a whole new generation of gamer may be able to experience an RPG masterpiece.


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