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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD’s New Trailer Tells Us That Even In Death Your Legacy Lives On


We’re now only a couple days away from seeing the official release of Square Enix’s newest title “Final Fantasy Type-0 HD”; a game that has been waiting for a Western release ever since it came out years ago on the PlayStation Portable in the great country of Japan. Well, to celebrate the almost-release, Square Enix have released a brand new trailer wonderfully titled “Legacy Lives On”; something the “Final Fantasy” franchise is very much known for preaching.

This new trailer shows audiences all of the elements seen in past “Final Fantasy” titles that are making a return in the new game. Things like older gameplay mechanics, familiar monsters and even Cid; a character mentioned or shown in every single “Final Fantasy” game, makes an appearance in this here trailer as well as, obviously, in the game itself.

Square Enix have done a fantastic job at hyping the game up as much as possible and getting audiences ready for the majesty that will be “Final Fantasy Type-0 HD” and if you’re not yet convinced of just how great this game will be than hopefully it’ll be this trailer that does it. Like I said; “Final Fantasy Type-0 HD” is only a few days from being released around the world so keep your eyes out for it once it becomes purchasable.

“Final Fantasy Type-0 HD” is set for a release across Australia and New Zealand on the 19th of March this year, and across North America on the 20th.


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