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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD – Final Japanese Trailer Released


“Final Fantasy Type-0 HD” is finally on the verge of being released and the entire “Final Fantasy” fandom could not be happier. Square Enix, the wonderful Japanese publisher and developer behind the game, have continued to provide the world with updates on the game through trailers, screenshots and just general news for months on end.

It’s now gotten to the point where Square Enix is so close to releasing the game that they’ve just released their final trailer for the upcoming game. It’s a Japanese trailer accompanied by English subtitles that basically outlines the story of the game as well as some of the updated features like dual audio options and updated graphics for next generation consoles.

Alongside the new trailer comes some information regarding a demo release for “Final Fantasy XV – Episode Duscae” that will come with the purchase of “Final Fantasy Type-0 HD”:

With both the boxed and digital versions of FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 HD, the demo will be playable on day of launch (19th March 2015). The demo will be available with all boxed, ‘Day One’ editions ofFINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 HD while stocks last, and for a limited time only with digital versions.

Those who have purchased the boxed version (first print, ‘Day One’ edition only) of FINAL FANTASY TYPE-0 HD will receive a demo download voucher included inside the game box. This will be redeemable via the PlayStation Store / Xbox LIVE Marketplace until 20th March 2016. Once downloaded onto your console’s hard disc drive, the demo will be yours to keep until you choose to delete it – and will not be erased from your hard disc drive at the request of Square Enix. An internet connection will be required to download the demo.

“Final Fantasy Type-0 HD” will be released across Australia, New Zealand and Japan on the 19th of March, in North America on the 17th and across Europe on the 20th of March. Check out the Final Japanese trailer fo the game which is located just below.


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