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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD – “Enter The Fray” Trailer Released


March, 2015. A month that will be remembered as the day the war began. The war between nations fighting for ultimate supremacy. You, yes you, will take up arms as one of the few surviving elite combat masters who will battle on the front lines. Why? To return balance, of course. To stop the needless slaughter of countless world citizens. You are a part of the legendary ‘Class Zero’; a group of young men and women with outstanding magical power and battle prowess. You’re the ones destined to bring all this to an end…but at what cost?

Square Enix have today released a brand-new trailer for their upcoming, and highly sought after, video game ‘Final Fantasy Type-0 HD’. Titled ‘Enter The Fray’, this new video outlines the story of the new game as well as some of its actual in-combat mechanics. Fans of the series have been waiting for this game for many, many years and it is just about to hit local shores in March of next year. Current generations consoles (PS4, XBONE), new graphics, fantastic gameplay and a tear-jerking story you’ll be telling to your grandkids. This is what can be expected of ‘Final Fantasy Type-0 HD’.

Australia and New Zealand will be getting the game on the 19th of March and in Japan on supposedly the same day. North America, however, will be getting it two days earlier on the 17th but, seeing as it is still a few months away, these dates may change so keep vigilant. You’ll not want to miss THAT piece of news, especially if it means the game is going to be pushed back. Let’s hope it doesn’t though.

Now scroll down just a tiny bit and you’ll see that I’ve provided the new ‘Enter The Fray’ trailer for you. Kick back, click play and enjoy what’s to come.


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