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‘Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn’ Is Almost A Year Old! It Is Time To Celebrate!


It’s almost been a year already?! Wow! Square Enix have reached out to all ‘Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn’ fans to alert them that now is the time to start celebrating a wonderfully momentous occasion. Strap on your dancing shoes and ready your bodies because from today onwards we’ll be tripping the light fantastic as the world of ‘A Realm Reborn’ is flooded with commemoratory events and player bonuses that will have each and every single player forced into a state of wonder and glee! YES! It’s the first year anniversary of ‘Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn’ and Square Enix have just given us all permission to run wild and party hard.

Plenty of events will be held over the next few weeks, each of which are detailed below and come straight for Square Enix themselves. As a part of the celebrations and as a nice way to kick them off, fans will be able to see fantastically illustrated images from talented members of the development team. Those images along with more information on the string of upcoming events can be found on the official ‘Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn’ anniversary web page which you can get to by Clicking Here.

“The Rising” – 28th August to 9th of September (AEST): In memory of those lost to the Calamity, from 28th August, through to the close of The Rising event on 9th September 12:49am (AEST), players can purchase various commemorative gifts and items (in-game) and will also be rewarded with the “Huzzah” emote to mark the occasion. 

“Moonfire Faire” – 14th August to 9th September 12:59am (AEST): The heavens are ablaze with fireworks as Eorzea celebrates the Moonfire Faire! A host of events are planned for this year’s faire including various surprises and rewards. The Moonfire Faire gives players the opportunity to better acquaint themselves with the guild, and see what it truly means to be an adventurer.

“Tales from the Calamity” – 15th August To 12th September: Over the course of five short stories, key characters will revisit events surrounding that fateful day, offering insight into the Calamity’s effect on the lives of many and more. First tale “Where Victory and Glory Lead” is available now on the anniversary website:


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