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Fight as One – Tales of Zestiria English TGS 2015 Trailer Released


Two can become one

With the pedigree this game has behind it, and the information already circling the internet, I’m not going to spend too long discussing what Tales of Zestiria is. Broken down to its core elements, it’s a JRPG that takes from the Tales Of series, owing to its existence as a Tales Of title, and adds its own little combat tweak. This time around, said tweak just so happens to be combat fusion.

Given the title of Shepherd, Zestiria protagonist Sorey possesses the ability to harness the powers of Seraphim. What this means for players is that Sorey can merge with spirits in order to unlock new forms and new powers. Far from spoileriffic, this trailer focuses almost solely on the comat potential of such forms, showing us why even a wyvern should be afraid of this particular band of heroes. Personally, I’m a fan of the fact that Sorey’s overall design changes when fused with a Seraphim, as opposed to merely his weapon changing. That being said, the weapons do look pretty nifty, especially those earth shattering hover gauntlets. I wonder if I can get myself a pair of those…for reasons.

Oh well, you didn’t come here to here me bang on about a trailer you can just watch yourself, so enjoy the trailer after you watch it yourself. Or before…your choice.


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