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Fan Begins Making “Pokemon” Game Specifically For Use With The Oculus Rift


This truly is the future, people. While not an official Nintendo production, that doesn’t make this little video any less exciting for “Pokemon” fans the world over. Youtuber and amateur video game maker misterbunbun has recently uploaded a new video onto his Youtube page which just so happens to showcase a little project of his that revolves around the creation of a “Pokemon” game that can be used with the Oculus Rift.

This game, while not anywhere near close to completion, shows misterbunbun himself playing the game and using a Pikachu to battle and capture a Magnemite. Now  Nintendo doesn’t exactly like it when people do stuff like this so I’d take the chance to watch it as soon as possible before it may be taken down. I don’t know why you’d put it off though, it’s such an awesome concept and for something not officially developed by Nintendo themselves it is looking damn awesome.

We’ve provided the video below so check it out and make sure to follow misterbunbun if his stuff is what you’re into.


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  1. Fools, give me real Pokeballs and I’ll just whittle away the time juggling rather than throwing it.

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