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Fall 2015 Anime Season Watch Guide


Okay so I am a little late to the party this time around with my watch guide but hey I have at least watched some of the series this time so this is a guide of a different kind of flavour. Rather than being based simply on how things look from the outside, this will be more of an inside look after having watched some of the series this season. I will be listing what I think is worth a look in for Fall 2015. So without further adieu, here is SnapThirty’s handy Fall 2015 anime season watch guide.


gundam-iron-blooded-orphans-posterMobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans (Sunrise)

Gundam is back, baby! Iron-Blooded Orphans may just be one of my favourite anime this season, kicking off with a barn burner of a premiere episode that hit all the right notes while setting the stage for what is sure to be one hell of an anime series.

Not only does this series showcase all the things that make the Gundam franchise so damn good but it also breaks convention and takes things in directions that the franchise has not ever ventured. Could you ever imagine that a Mobile Suit Gundam series could be reminiscent of the Gainax classic Gurren Lagann? Well Iron-Blooded Orphans has more than a few similiarities to that series all the while doing it in a totally Gundam kind of way.

Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans marks a renaissance for the mecha genre and more importantly the Gundam franchise which was beginning to grow stagnant with age (Yes that is a shot at you Gundam: AGE). This is the Gundam anime we have been waiting for and thank god for that.

the-perfect-insider-posterThe Perfect Insider (A-1 Pictures)

Inio Asano and noitaminA, two of the great loves in my life coming together for an anime series unlike anything arguably ever in the genre. The Perfect Insider based upon a novel of the same name is an anime series that aims to challenge its audience and it is about time someone did.

Imbued with philosophical musings and deft direction, The Perfect Insider will have you contemplating every frame of its first episode. There isn’t a moment wasted with each second being as important as the last.

I have no doubt in my mind that this series will wind up being the best of the season albeit undoubtedly destined to be overlooked by the majority. Most will see this kind of content fly straight over their head, but if you are able to absorb yourself in a mystery and think about what is being conveyed on screen to you in a meaningful way then you are sure to find The Perfect Insider a rewarding experience to say the very least.

one-punch-man-posterOne Punch Man (Madhouse)

Life is pretty dull for a shonen hero who defeats all his enemies in one punch (No, I’m not talking about Ichigo Kurosaki). Fortunately for us viewers, his boredom becomes our entertainment with Madhouse’s rip roaring action comedy series One Punch Man.

Based upon the web comic by ONE and the subsequent manga adaptation by Eyeshield 21’s Yusuke Murata, One Punch Man follows Saitama the titular hero who defeats all enemies in one single punch. Now while the series isn’t much in the way of substantial plot, the action sequences and animation are superb to say the very least. Some sequences are arguably some of the greatest ever animated.

It won’t really pose any great questions or make you think much about anything but One Punch Man is a painless half hour of anime that is actually a whole lot of fun. It is an easy watch in the same spirit as classic shonen like Dragon Ball Z – Things go boom and you smile.

noragami-aragotoNoragami Aragoto (BONES)

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder and such is this case for Noragami Aragoto. It feels like it has been an eternity since we first met these characters and it is a genuine pleasure to be catching back up with them.

Noragami Aragoto picks up where the first season left off and wastes little time setting the stage for the season to come. If you were a fan of the first series this is undoubtedly compulsary viewing. Also a bit of a positive, it seems that the drama with Yukine is finally over so things could get genuinely interesting for Yato and friends in Aragoto.

As far as sequels go, Noragami was somewhere near the top of my list for anime that needed another season so I for one am stoked to see this series return and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

concrete-revolutio-1Concrete Revolutio (J.C. Staff)

I don’t quite know what this series is and I’m not too sure I want to. The first episode was utterly baffling, almost intentionally insane for the sake of being that ‘weird and crazy’ anime series. There is sure to be some fun had in a series as schizophrenic as this but something about it feels a little disingenuous.

Concrete Revolutio has witches, secret agents, superheros, transformers, animorphs, tokusatsu giants and alien invaders. I’m sure I missed about 23 other races of existence that appeared within the first 23 minutes of this series. It is simply nuts and lacks any level of self control but that can possibly make for some interesting anime or it could just be a chaotic wreck.

To be entirely honest I feel that Concrete Revolutio is a little bit too calculated and detached from its own insanity. If it had fully committed to its own craziness I think I might be more on board with it but there is always a chance it will become some kind of wonderful mess.

young-black-jack-1Young Black Jack (Tezuka Productions)


As a hardcore Osamu Tezuka fan, it just doesn’t get much better than Young Black Jack. A look into the past of one of the most legendary characters in the history of anime and manga, Young Black Jack is a love letter to this iconic character.

It is obvious when watching the series that the staff at Tezuka Productions have great affection for the character of Black Jack and the world he inhabits. Not only is this series a brilliant tribute to Black Jack but it is also an admirable tribute to the works of Tezuka as a whole. Many character designs are call backs to legendary Tezuka characters and the scenes play out in classic Tezuka fashion, with a bit of spice and a whole lot of heart.

If you have been living under a rock and are unfamiliar with the character of Black Jack, Young Black Jack is an excellent entry point for any viewer. This is an important anime series and a real must watch for any true anime fan.


Also worth mentioning…

A few other series that might be worth a look in but won’t be getting a full write up for lack of interest on my part include the next Haikyu!! season, Heavy Object, The Asterisk War, Komori-san Can’t Decline, Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid and Dance With Devils. Although they haven’t exactly made the cut on my watch guide this time around, I’d love to hear about them in the comments section. Let me know your thoughts on these series below.

Did we miss an anime you are looking forward to for Fall 2015? If so let us know what you are looking forward to watching in the comments section below. Do you agree with our watch guide? Let us know!


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