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Elminage Gothic Heading to Steam


Let the crawling commence!

Ah dungeon crawlers. The genre that showed us waltzing through dangerous areas unannounced can lead to some exciting turn based shenanigans. So, if you’re in the mood to relive a classic (that you’ve probably never had the chance to play), why not check out Elminage Gothic?

Part of the Wizardry Empire series, developer Starfish SD, in conjuntion with Ghostlight, are set to bring you over 80 hours of dungeon crawling gameplay, with a gothic twist for some added flair (and so that the title makes sense). Heading for Steam on September 18th, this $9.99 adventure will contain multiple character classes, hundreds of monsters, a full Japanese to English translation and the classic THAC0 (To Hit Armour Class Zero) system. This PC version also includes higher resolution art an improved user interface and 8 Steam Trading Cards for you to collect.

In ancient times, the Great and Dark Gods clashed in a ferocious war over Man’s control of the world, bringing despair and ruin to the lives of all humans.

As the conflict raged, the Great Gods sought to vanquish the power of the Dark Gods through the faith of humans.  In return for their faith, the Gods promised humans a world of peace and prosperity and thereby a contract between humans and the Great Gods was formed.

By the contract, the Dark Gods could not interfere with the world of humans and were forever sealed inside their world of darkness.  The people worshiped the Great Gods in thanks for their prosperity, and the world entered an era of peace.


The humans grew complacent and allowed their faith to fade and once again the dark powers are reaching out in secret, planting the seeds to bring about the revival of the Dark Gods into the hearts of men.

It is up to you to arm yourself and descend into the depths of Tsun-Kurn in an attempt to put an end to the ever growing darkness and save your kingdom.


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