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El Psy Congroo – Steins;Gate Headed For Europe This June

Steins-Gate-Anime-Screenshot-01I feel as though I wont be alone when I say that Steins;Gate is, in fact, the greatest time travel story of our generation. The most tragic thing about it is that most of our generation don’t even know what the hell it is, let alone just how emotional and complex the story can be. I first experienced this journey through time thanks to the Anime that was released a few years ago. Contrary to popular belief; this video game adaptation very much lived up to the game that preceded it and almost forced me into an interest in time travel and the legend that is John Titor.

5pb., the developers of the highly-revered title, today announced that the game will be making a return to consoles, this time in Europe. I’d like to say “this time in the West” but unfortunately until further notice…North America aren’t lucky enough to get it. Chances are the USA WILL be getting a Steins;Gate release but it’ll be a little dekayed thanks to submission problems that the publishers are now working out. On the 5th of June, European gamers can grab themselves either a physical or digital version of the game which is set to be released for both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. This can really only mean the title will be heading down to Australia too seeing as we’re kind of Europe’s followers.

Chances are, depending on where you buy it fron, you’ll be able to nab yourself some nice pre-order bonuses so check out your local retailer just to be sure. As of right now it has been announced that Game UK will be selling it with a limited edition art book, and Rice Digital will have the “El Psy Congroo” edition for sale which comes with the same art book but also some story-themed badges. It really doesn’t matter what you get extra with Steins;Gate, so long as you play the damn game which will be sure to change the way you look at the simplest of things for the rest of your life! Text messages, bananas…the government, nothing is the way it seems!


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