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Eighteen Years In The Making – Dragon Ball Super’s First Teaser Trailer Finally Released

Surely by now you know that the immeasurably popular Shonen series Dragon Ball Z is returning with a brand-new Anime season that follows on from where the original left off, right? That’s something I feel every good Anime fan should know, at least at this point in time.

Well during Fuji TV’s broadcast of the latest Dragon Ball Kai episode over in Japan a quick teaser trailer for the upcoming Anime series was shown. That short video was recorded by some very smart citizens of the world and shared online for the rest of us to see.

As mentioned; the new Anime will follow the original crew of Dragon Ball Z and their equally as powerful offspring as they do whatever it is that they do. Really we don’t know much about the storyline of this new Anime season but the trailer does indeed feature Beerus and his friendly assistant Whis so the assumption is that they will feature throughout the story.

Honestly barely anything has been divulged in regards to the more detailed specifics of this new series but I believe that we’ll be given much more information in due time. For now we have but a short teaser trailer and until we have more…this is just what we’ll have to enjoy, so do it! Enjoy!


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