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‘Eccentric Family’ Anime Named Official Goodwill Ambassador for City of Kyoto


What’s fun is good! Those are the words by which the Shimogamo tanuki family of the fantastic and painfully under appreciated Eccentric Family anime live by. Those very same words will now be the slogan for the City of Kyoto which has announced that the Eccentric Family anime and its colourful cast of magical characters will be the first ever global goodwill ambassador of Kyoto.

The ambassadorship aims to use the Eccentric Family characters and series to promote the lovely city of Kyoto to the rest of the world, aiming to raise tourism and help boost the local economy of the city.

As part of the inauguration event, the Shimogamo Shrine, the real life shrine which the characters in the series live at, played host to a special ‘Gathering of Tanuki’ event with fans of the series gathering in tanuki coats to celebrate the new ambassorship as well as the news of the upcoming second season of the Eccentric Family anime. ANN were present to grab some photos of the event. You can check out some of their photos of the fun gathering below.

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I was fortunate enough to visit the Shimogamo Shrine myself a few years back and I must say it is a great spot to visit if you are ever in Kyoto. If you are into the whole anime pilgrimage thing, just wandering the streets of Kyoto you will be amazed by how many places you will recognize from the series which faithfully and lovingly brings the city of Kyoto to life. What’s fun is good, everybody!

Source: ANN


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