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“Durarara!! Relay” PlayStation Vita Game Gets Its First Trailer


Never have I heard someone say “Oh yeah, I think maybe I’ve seen TOO much Durarara!!”. Never! Those words simply do not make sense in sequence because, really, you can never have TOO much “Durarara!!” which is great because today Kadokawa Games have released the very first trailer for the upcoming visual novel/adventure title “Durarara!! Relay”. This new PlayStation Vita game will take audiences on a wild ride through the busy streets of Ikebukuro, allowing them to experience some of the wonderful city’s stories, the types of stories not seen in the Anime but, from what I can tell, are all very much “canon” to the universe of the series.

As a player, you’ll follow a whole bunch of your favorite characters as the dash around town getting into all sorts of trouble and trying to figure their way out of it. So far, the game has only been announced for Japan but I can imagine all “Durarara!!” fans hoping and praying for a release outside of the great country. “Durarara!! Relay” is set to hit the PlayStation Vita in Japan on the 29th of January in 2015 and although us in the West wont be getting it at that same time, at least we have a trailer to watch so check it out below and enjoy!


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