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Dressed to Impress – Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition Showcases Playable Trish


Move over Dante, there’s a new protagonist in town

If there’s one thing Devil May Cry has going for it, apart from the chaotic combat, it’s style. From the characters to the actual fighting mechanics, this franchise wants you to dispatch demons with flair. To help with said goal, Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition is providing a larger roster of playable characters who all possess their own definitions of style.

In this vein, Capcom has released a nice little demo video that showcases a few of the combos that the near ever present Trish will bring to the battlefield. Slice and dice foes with the Sword of Sparda, dole out some long range justice with Luce and Ombra, or keep it nice and personal with some lightning charged dive kicks. There’s more than enough there for you to mix and match your carnage. The Devil Trigger also remains when playing as Trish although, instead of transforming her into a demonic reflection of herself, it simply gives her a power boost and sweet pair of shades. Still cool though.

An earlier demo video also provided us with a little Vergil gameplay, showing us that Yamato, Force Edge and the Beowulf Gauntlets will be added to his arsenal. A concentration bar also provides the blue clad brother with an extra damage multiplier, provided that you play smart and don’t flail around like a madman. Such is Vergil.

By the by, it maight be a good idea to keep your eyes on Devil May Cry for a little bit longer, with one playable character still yet unreleased. I guess that means you’ll just have to play through this Special Edition multiple times when it comes out, get the full experience. Or just pick your favourite and smack around some demons. Either way, stay true to your style and make Devil May Cry proud.


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