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Dressed to Impress – Cosplayers Angie and Knite Confirmed as Guests for Madman Anime Festival Perth


The festival begins again

With the month of March approaching faster than most would care to realise, Madman has come forth with their first guests for the Perth rendition of the aptly titled Madman Anime Festival. And, wherever anime conventions go, cosplayers shall be there. From the intricately sewn lacework of a Victorian era frock, to the purposeful low tech iteration of EVA-01 made from a cardboard box, presentation runs the gamut. There are even those cosplayers who have amassed fans of their own and it is two examples of this trend who are to attend the aforementioned festival as guests.

Prominent in the Asia convention scene, Angie will be attending the Festival in what will be her first Australian appearance. Fans will be able to meet, greet and nab some sweet prints and photo books with and from Angie, in the times when she isn’t judging cosplay contests. It has also been made known that Angie will be cosplaying as Asuna from Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale on the Saturday, coinciding with the Australian release. No word though on what Sunday will bring.

Joining Angie in representing the cosplaying section of fandom is Knitemaya (also known as Knite), who is most well known for his representations of bishounen characters and skills with make-up that goes into said cosplays. Knite will be appearing in meet and greets sessions of his own, amidst photo sessions and judging cosplay contests and merchandise will be purchasable as per the norm.

So, if you’re a fan of cosplay, these two are probably worth checking out. Supposing of course that you’re in Perth, or are willing to go to Perth…because they will be in Perth. Where the Festival is…the Perth version that is.


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