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“Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection Of F” To Feature Punk Song “F” By Maximum The Hormone

Dragon-Ball-Z-Resurrection-Of-F-Theatrical-Poster-01The title of this article alone has gotten me more excited for the upcoming “Dragon Ball Z” movie than any piece of pre-release media ever could. Have you heard of the Japanese heavy punk band Maximum The Hormone? Maybe you have; one of their songs titled “What’s Up People” featured as the second “Death Note” Anime opening.

Yeah! You know that odd but catchy metal-type song of which you have no idea what the singer is actually singing? THAT’S Maximum The Hormone and, like any other band in existence, they have more than just the single song. Of their extensive catalogue of toxic punk-style tunes, one of them is set to feature in the upcoming “Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection Of F” movie during what I assume will be one hell of an awesome fight scene.

The song is called “F” and, in fact, was made with the “DBZ” enemy Frieza in mind. This makes the song quite fitting for the movie seeing as it focuses on Frieza’s return. In fact, Akira Toriyama, the man himself, made a comment recently saying that the inspiration for the new movie was actually this song!

Yes! So the “DBZ” character Frieza was the inspiration for this song and this song then went on to become the inspiration for a movie about Frieza…it’s a never ending cycle! Maybe this movie will then go on to inspire Maximum The Hormone to write another song about Frieza which, in five years or so, will then go on to inspire Akira Toriyama to, once again, make a new movie about Frieza. Fantastic! “Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection Of F” is set for a theatrical release throughout Japan on the 18th of April this year. The rest of the world should be getting it sometime after that.


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