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Dragon Ball: Xenoverse – Release Date Trailer [UPDATE: American Release Date Announced]


You know, reader, with all this talk of time and space, I’ve really been thinking about when exactly ‘Dragon Ball: Xenoverse’ is set to hit local shelves and thankfully today Bandai Namco Games have answered my question. It’s a Friday which is already good enough in my books but it has been made even sweeter thanks to the video game developer/distributor. Not only have they revealed the European release date for the upcoming ‘Dragon Ball: Xensoverse’ game but they’ve also released one hell of an awesome trailer that takes audiences back through time as it describes just what the game is about. It also details some cool looking editions of the game but we’ll get to that in due time.

The date has been set: Europe will be getting the new ‘DBZ’ title on the 13th of February next year which, if you ask me, is too far away! I need this game, but I’m sure any long-time fan of ‘Dragon Ball Z’ will be feeling the exact same as me right now. Also announced was the Steam release date which was also labelled a ‘worldwide release’ and that is on the 17th of February. General consensus is that North America will have this game reach consoles (PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360) the same day as they reach the PC but that has yet to have been confirmed so please do not take my word for it.

Bandai Namco Games are offering a nice little pre-order package for those of you out there who want to invest some money in the game early: A Shenron Black Metalcase, a download code for the playable character Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta and two extra pieces of clothing that can be equiped to your character will come with every pre-order of the game. The two costumes are quite similar, they’re a gold and silver version of a piece of armour that Frieza’s henchmen wear. It’s great for anyone out there who considers themselves a follow of who I’m calling ‘The Cold One’. Europe got a little more love with their release of the game: Those willing to pay a little bit more for ‘Xenoverse’ can grab themselves a “Trunks’ Travel Edition” which comes with a 25cm statue of Trunks as he looks in the new game as well as all the little bits and pieces I’ve mentioned just above.

So now we know when to expect the game but that doesn’t make us feel instantly better only because we don’t have ‘Xenoverse’ in our hands right now. What may make you feel better is watching the newest trailer for the game which we have provided for you just below. Check it out, get excited, start practicing the Kamehameha and whatever else you need to so that you’re prepared for the game. The hero this time…is you!

UPDATE: The game will be released across North and South America on the 17th of February, 2015.


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