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Dragon Ball Xenoverse – Release Date Pushed Back Only Slightly


“Dragon Ball Xenoverse” seems as though it’s going to be the “DBZ” video game to end all “DBZ” video games. Not only is it the first of the series to be released on next/current generation consoles but it’s also the first that allows you, the player, to actively affect the flow of time in the “Dragon Ball” universe.

People are pretty damn excited but now, thanks to the latest news from Bandai Namco Games, people are a tiny bit less excited. The juggernaut video game publisher/developer, over the weekend, released some information regarding the release date of the new title and, well…it’s been pushed back a whole entire week. A whole entire week! It was originally going to be released in North America on the 17th of February but it will now be on the 27th, the same day as it will be getting a release on Steam.

For Europe, instead of the 13th it will now be released on the 27th, the same day as North America. Really…it doesn’t matter too much because it’s only a week or so. If that’s all the time Bandai Namco needs to perfect the game than I say take it! You’d rather wait an extra week than get a game that simply doesn’t work. Do what you need, Bandai Namco, take your time.



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