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Dragon Ball: Xenoverse – Now Available Across North America, Australia and New Zealand

Dragon-Ball-Xenoverse-Screenshot-01Yes! Yes! Yes! The TIME has finally come for fans of the long-running Anime and Manga series “Dragon Ball Z” to finally get their hands on the latest and greatest fighting video game from Bandai Namco Games “Dragon Ball: Xenoverse”. This new game has been a long time coming and has even gone through a release delay but that’s all in the past now because it’s finally here for us all to enjoy!

Step into the boots of a Time Patrolman tasked with going back through the entire fictional history of the “Dragon Ball” series, stopping all that has gone wrong and changing the present all for the sake of a wonderful, brighter future. Look, I know, all you want to do right now is go out there and enjoy the game…so go! Now you know it’s out and now you can play it for hours on end!

Hey, why not join your Time Patrol friends and take on some missions together? Maybe you can even become the protégé to one of the Z Fighters and learn their most powerful techniques? Maybe you could even go AGAINST them in battle just to see who the strongest fighter is. It’s entirely up to you in “Dragon Ball: Xenoverse” which is, once again, now available across North America, Australia and New Zealand for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360. Jump in! Finally prove yourself to be the great Z Fighter you always thought you were with “Dragon Ball: Xenoverse”!


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