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Dragon Ball Xenoverse – Jaco The Galactic Patrolman Playable Character Announced As Pre-Order Bonus


If you’ve never heard of “Jaco The Galactic Patrolman”, allow me to explain: “Jaco The Galactic Patrolman” is a short Manga series by “Dragon Ball” creator that tells the story of an intergalactic authority figure named Jaco who crash lands on Earth only to discover that, despite what the rest of the universe is saying, the people on this planet aren’t too bad. Throughout the short series he gets up to no good as he tries to figure out the planet as well as its inhabitants. “Jaco The Galactic Patrol Man” isn’t as serious a series as Toriyama’s “Dragon Ball” but it does take place in the same universe.

In fact, it is thanks to Jaco that young Goku made it to Earth safe and sound. You see, Jaco picks up on an incredible force heading towards the planet but decides against stopping its arrival resulting in the young Saiyan growing up as a good guy rather than as a savage, so Jaco’s just as much to thank as Grandpa Gohan I think. Anyway, it was just announced that Japanese gamers who pre-order the upcoming PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One title “Dragon Ball Xenoverse” will be rewarded with a bonus bunch of DLC items that will add to their experience of the game.

Alongside Master Roshi’s costume for your character and some other codes for games like “Dragon Ball Heroes” and “Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle”, both of which we don’t have in the West, players will also be able to download Jaco as a playable character. It’s not really known just what his moveset will be but you can imagine it’ll be pretty exciting when the time comes to finally see it. Japan will be getting the game on the 5th of February next year, Europe will be getting it on the 13th of February next year and North America will be getting it on the 17th of February next year. As of right now we have no idea if Jaco will be made available to Western audiences but I sure as hell hope he does!



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