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Dragon Ball Xenoverse Adds SS4 Gogeta and Omega Shenron to the Roster


Super vs Omega

Who didn’t love Dragon Ball GT? Well, quite a lot of people actually. Nevertheless, the series gave us a brand new Super Saiyan form that has been present in most DBZ fighting games since its inception. Though some may still debate the canon status of said form, you can’t deny that it is a powerful one, especially when Goku and Vegeta initiate SS4 fusion. Not to be outdone quite so fast, the villainous roster is also bringing Omega Shenron into the mix, SS4 Gogeta’s only opponent within the anime. So pit ’em against each other and recreate the final battle of GT, or just use Big Bang Kamehameha against someone far weaker and vent your frustrations. How about Raditz?

In more Xenoverse centric news, Bandai also previewed some of the plot alterations that will occur within the game. After being turned even eviler by Towa, antagonists from the series will have their history altered. For example, after some mind medling, Vegeta has become a member of the Ginyu Force whilst Nappa is set to reveal his own Great Ape transformation…because Nappa needed to get even more physically threatening.

DLC packs will also be made available throughout the games release, bringing new characters, costumes, moves and quests along with them. The first is set to release in March and includes; Goku, Pan and Trunks in their GT appearances, 4 Time Patrol Quests, 12 Quests, 15 special moves for avatars and 5 costumes. No specifics have been given regarding the second DLC pack, but it is known that the third will include Jaco the Galactic Patrolman and Master Roshi’s clothes, because why not?. Each pack will retail for US$9.99 individually, or US$24.99 for a Season Pass.

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