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Dragon Ball: Project Fusion’s List Of Fusible Characters Is…Endless?!


About a week or so ago, I wrote an article regarding an upcoming Dragon Ball Nintendo 3DS title from the lovely people over at Bandai Namco Entertainment that boasted a gameplay experience unlike any other Dragon Ball title we’ve ever seen. The game is called Dragon Ball: Project Fusion and is aparantly an RPG title that allows you to fuse a whole bunch of alternative Dragon Ball characters, instead of the standard Goten/Trunks, Goku/Vegeta combinations.

Now the latest issue of V-Jump magazine has been released over in Japan, and with it comes more information regarding the upcoming game. From what we’re lead to believe by the double-page spread featured in the popular magazine; the fusion possibilities for the upcoming game are…infinite. It goes without saying, but Dragon Ball: Project Fusion will not feature an infinite amount of fusion characters, there simply aren’t enough characters in the series, nor is there the storage capabilities to properly host all of them on a Nintendo 3DS game cartridge, as well as countless other things that only work against this incredibly claim…but none the less, it’s still a very excited concept!

Dragon-Ball-Project-Fusion-V-Jump-Spread-02The information dump goes on to explain that the world is in some sort of peril, and it will take the fusing of countless warriors to save it. The game will, supposedly, feature all, if not most, Dragon Ball characters, all with the capabilities to fuse with one another depending on which two you want to become one. As mentioned; this is actually pretty exciting. Dragon Ball already has a huge character roster, but for the sake of extending that roster even further, developers have decided to add in characters from every single piece of Dragon Ball media, including the Dragon Ball: Heroes arcade games, and the countless trading card games released since the beginning of the series’ popularity reign, making this one hell of a beefy game.

Something I find quite charming about the lead-up to this game’s release is that V-Jump are hosting a drawing contest that asks would-be artists to create their very own Dragon Ball fusion character, with the winner’s design being featured in the game as a playable fusion. Unfortunately this competition is only open to those living in Japan, but for the sake of fun why not draw your own characters and submit them here on SnapThirty? There’s nothing better than a Dragon Ball Original Character…except for maybe a Sonic The Hedgehog Original Character, but they’re in a league of their very own.

Dragon Ball: Project Fusion does not have a specific release date as of yet, all we know is that it is set to hit Japan sometime in 2016. Chances are, considering the game is still somewhat in development, it wont be for quite a while.

A special thanks to ShonenGamez for providing the translated image that serves as the core for this article.


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