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Does Konami Have Plans To Make A Pachinko Machine About MGS’ Big Boss?

metal-gear-solid-v-the-phantom-pain-screenshot-01It’s no industry secret that Konami have decided to make a fairly decent change in regards to video game development as they reach forward into a new future of Pachinko-based product creation. After the release of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and the subsequent letting go of series mastermind Hideo Kojima, Konami announced that they intend on putting more focus on developing gaming systems like Pachinko machines rather than the standard video game console titles we’ve come to expect from them, and while it has been said that they still want to be in video game production and development, the reality of the situation is that they’ll most likely follow the path paved with money which is, of course, the realm of Japanese legal gambling.

Recently, a spokesperson from Konami mentioned that the company still plans on developing Metal Gear Solid games without the involvement of Hideo Kojima; a sad but inevitable truth for the much-loved series of stealth-based video games. Something I jokingly assumed would happen, but never thought would become a reality, is Konami combining the two things that would make them the most money in the long run; Metal Gear Solid and Pachinko. It’s not insane to think that the company would develop a machine based on an existing IP considering I’ve seen, first hand, Pachinko machines based on both Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Monkey Punch’s Lupin The Third, so one featuring the likes of Solid Snake isn’t that ridiculous of an idea.


As it turns out, Konami’s partner company that deals only in the development of Pachinko machines has only recently filed a trademark for the title “Big Boss” with the obvious intentions of turning the concept that comes with the name into a brand-new machine. Big Boss being the catalyst for the events of the entire Metal Gear Solid series, it looks as though Konami have started off strong by making him the very first Metal gear Solid character to put into it’s very own machine, and why not? After all, he’s the Big Boss! I know many people, especially fans of the series, aren’t happy about this change, and I’m sure they’re not happy about the grand possibility of having their favourite “villain” of all time turned into a simple game revolving around stainless steel balls but still…it’s actually pretty damn funny. You can’t go on denying that.


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