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Disgaea 5 – Seraphina Introduction Video Released


Every hero needs friends. Simple as that! Without a team of trustworthy fighters covering you from all sides, there’s not a good chance you’re going to make it through whatever battle you may be fighting. You need allies! You need people who can help you out! “Disgaea 5” knows what I’m talking about because helping the main character Killia as he tries to set the Netherworld free of the choker hold Void Dark seems to have on it are a bunch of rambunctious ruffians willing to do all they can for the sake of all that is good!

The latest in the “Disgaea” series, in case you’re unaware, has a bunch of Demon Lords going up against one terribly evil Demon Lord who only wants to crush the Netherworld and put it under his rule. Well no other Demon Lord wants that so the strongest have decided to team up with the game’s antagonist Killia to take down this ultimate evil. Over time, in the lead up to the release of the game, Nippon Ichi Software will be posting introduction videos for all of the main cast so that audiences can get to know their team before they’ve even gotten to play the game.

The latest video to get a release puts the spotlight on the beautiful but deadly Seraphina. This total babe ran away from her home in the Netherworld as a young lady to avoid an arranged marriage that was sure to go wrong. She’s now joined up with Killia who promises a free Netherworld where she can do whatever it is that she pleases and for that Seraphina will wipe the floor with Void Dark!

The full video has been provided for you below and even though it’s entirely in Japanese I’m sure you’ll get the gist of just who Seraphina is. If not, I suppose you’ll just have to wait until the English version is released which hopefully wont be TOO long after the Japanese. “Disgaea 5” is set for a Japanese release on the PlayStation for on the 26th of March and will hopefully be released in the West sometime after that.


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