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Disgaea 5 – Meet Kilia, Seraphine and Usalia


The Netherworld is a strange but wonderful place full of odd creatures both horrendous and cute. If you’re a human weighed down by sin you’ll be sent to the pits of the Netherworld where you’ll be broken down and built back up as a penguin-like creature called a Prinny. Some lucky otherworldly beings will be born as a demon wherein which they’ll spend the rest of their lives growing stronger, one day overthrowing their respective leaders and taking over as lords of the domain. Others fall under the category as monsters, while not as strong as demons these monsters do possess more power than humans but not quite enough to become overlords.

What I’m saying is…the Netherworld is a mixed up place with many contradictory rules, more races than you can point an oversized blade at and a social hierarchy so corrupt and unfair it’ll make your head spin. 4Gamers, the Japanese online publication, has updated their website to include more information about Nippon Ichi Software’s (NIS) upcoming strategy RPG ‘Disgaea 5’. It was only yesterday that the gaming world was dished out the very first screenshots of the game (of which you can see by Clicking Here) but the website has gone through another update and now includes some added information regarding the story itself and some of the characters you’ll be using throughout the game.


Kilia, Seraphine and Usalia

‘Disgaea 5’ will run with the theme of ‘revenge’. The darkest of dark lords, an entity fittingly called ‘Void Dark’ has risen up as one of the most powerful Netherworld leaders throughout history. It is apparent that there is more than one Netherworld in the…Netherworld. Each of these subsequent worlds features it’s own ‘style’ and Mr. Void Dark has conquered enough of them to make the other Netherworld leaders a little worried. With a huge army and enough political power to write his own laws, the man is unbeatable…until now. Meet Kilia! This Valvatorez look-alike will be serving as this game’s protagonist. He’ll rise up against Void Dark to exact revenge for…something that has yet to be fully explained. For now, let’s just assume Void Dark has done something to directly affect Kilia, even though we’re not quite sure what that ‘something’ is.

Introduced alongside the main man are two beautiful ladies called Seraphine and Usalia. Seraphine is the demon lord of the ‘Gorgeous Netherworld’ and Usalia is the demon lord of the Rabbit Rabbit Netherworld. Quite fitting seeing as one is gorgeous and the other is a rabbit…ugh, scratch that…she’s wearing rabbit ears. Seraphine, as you can imagine, is a ‘girly girl’: She comes from quite a wealthy family and was brought up to live the life of a true royal. Kilia looking a little scrappy, I’m sure these two wont be on the best of terms when they first met but, like any good story, they’ll come to be best of friends. Usalia, on the other hand, is a little ‘left of center’. She was cursed many years ago by some unknown force. This curse has her run wild, destroying everything that stands in her way. The only way you can stop her? Feed her some curry. I know that works for me!

The game is looking to be just as good and just as quirky as its predecessors, and us here at SnapThirty can’t wait to eventually get our hands on it. It’s set for a 2015 release but there’s a good chance we’ll be seeing a lot more of it at this year’s Tokyo Game Show which is only just around the corner so keep an eye on the site for all the new and updates. ‘Disgaea 5’ is set for a release on the PlayStation 4 in Japan sometime next year.


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