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Disgaea 5 Is Looking Damn Good! First Screenshots Released

Disgaea-5-Promotional-Image-03It’s so close to the announcement of the game and already Nippon Ichi Software (NIS) have released the very first screenshots and character design images of their upcoming RPG title ‘Disgaea 5′. It’s clear that these guys and gals are on the freakin’ ball! Sony held a press conference just a couple of days ago wherein which they announced a bunch of new video games.

One of those games happened to be ‘Disgaea 5’, a video game that NIS mentioned a while ago stating that it is on it’s way. Well they weren’t lying because only a couple of days later the world has been met with the very first screenshots of the upcoming series addition! Though we have no information about who these characters are or what exactly they do, what we do know is that the game is looking down right fantastic.


Alongside these screenshots comes an image which seems to show a special edition version of the game that looks to come with what looks like a soundtrack and art book. Shown are two discs; one that clearly holds the game and the other simply labelled ‘Disc 2’. This is the one I believe to be the soundtrack but it could be something totally different so don’t take my word for it.

We’ll wait until it is confirmed before we set our minds on something. This batch of assets also features a pair of illustrations that depict two of the main characters; the Valvatorez look-alike and the girl with the obese Prinny. Once again, we don’t know who these are but it is my assumption that they’re two of the more important members of the game’s cast. The game is to be released on the PlayStation 4 sometime in 2015. TGS (Tokyo Game Show) is just around the corner and there’s a god chance we’ll be seeing more of the game during the event so keep your eyes out!



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