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Digimonstory Cybersleuth Promo Released


One fine detective

Greetings fellow Digimon fans who reside in the west, do you want to see something awesome yet upsetting at the same time? If you said yes, then you shall be amongst the many who will rue the existence of language barriers.

Narrated by Maaya Sakamoto, in the guise of her character Kyoko Kyuremi, the promo explains the basic plot of the game. When a hacker one day wormed their way into the EDEN program, a “wonderful present” was offered to its users. As one may expect from a video game, this does not turn out to be moment of innocent kindness that people believed and our protagonist soon finds themselves within EDEN, along with a few recognisable faces.

With real life locations, such as Akihabara, undergoing “digital shifts” (the sudden transformation of matter into data), our protagonist must team up with detective Kyoko Kuremi in order to solve this problem, as well as rescue their own physical body that has been trapped within the digital world.

Doesn’t that sound awesome? Unfortunately, there’s still been no indication that this title will make its way to the west, but you can be sure that I’ll let everyone know if that changes. I…I just want to play this game. Did you see the trailer? It looks so cool…


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