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Digimon World: Next Order “Un-Hatch Your Destiny” Trailer Released + Boltbautamon Introduction


Digimon World: Next Order is only about a week away from an official release outside of Japan, and yet thanks to the Western world getting a higher quality PlayStation 4 version of the game Japan has decided to follow suit with their own “International Edition” with that release to coincide with our own. Now despite it not being too far away, Bandai Namco Entertainment are continuing to roll out trailers for the upcoming game, which doesn’t surprise anyone, as well as introducing us to brand-new Digital Monsters that we assume have been designed specifically for Next Order.

The new trailer, titled “Un-Hatch your Destiny”, is another overview video of Digimon World: Next Order that focuses on the death, rebirth, and Fusions features of the new game, showing partner Digimon perishing in battle only to be reborn though this time as the result of a Fusion between their dwindling data. The trailer IS in English, and can be seen just below this paragraph wherein which I have provided it:

Bandai Namco Entertainment Japan today also revealed a brand-new Digimon set to feature in the upcoming game known strangely as Boltbautamon. This Demon-type Digimon is the unholy Digivolution of Piedmon who has transcended it’s level by absorbing the data of a Myotismon. Boltbautamon has one simple goal; to extinguish the light of the Digital World, plunging it into darkness and ruling it with an iron fist. The Digivolution route leading to Boltbautamon will be made available once a player has reached the end of Digimon World: Next Order.


Digimon World: Next Order is set to hit the PlayStation 4 across Europe on the 27th of January, North America on the 31st, and Japan on the 26th of February. Unfortunately it will not be getting a release for the PlayStation Vita.


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