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Digimon World: Next Order – Tokyo Game Show 2015 Trailer


Tokyo Game Show 2015 has only just begun, but it has done so in quite an explosive way. Japanese pop culture fans know TGS as one of the better video game expos of our generation and there’s a huge reason why; some of the most exciting stuff comes out of it, including the latest trailer for Bandai Namco Entertainment’s upcoming PlayStation Vita title Digimon World: Next Order, stylised as “Next -0rder-“.

Running just a little over two minutes long, the trailer showcases what it will be like playing as both the male and female protagonists, with the male having Agumon and Gabumon as his digital companions, and the female having Biyomon and Palmon. The trailer also gives audiences an extensive look at the world of Next Order with some nice throwbacks to the original Digimon World PlayStation 1 title.

Set for a Japanese release on the PlayStation Vita sometime in 2016, nothing has been said by Bandai Namco Entertainment regarding a Western release; something that may actually never come. Either way, we have a fantastic new trailer and the slight hope of localisation. We can at least be happy with that. Speaking of a new trailer, it has been provided for you below!


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